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Author: Subject: Will you share knowledge with me about mobility scooter carriers?
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[*] Post 519746 posted on 15-8-2019 at 23:27 Reply With Quote
Will you share knowledge with me about mobility scooter carriers?

Ruby's mobility scooter is a Golden Technologies 3-wheel scooter. The single wheel is in the front on a "tiller." According to what I have been reading, it is a "pedestrian" scooter, which means it counts as a walking person (e.g. it can run on outdoor sidewalks, outdoor crosswalks, indoor areas where people walk--but, it is not supposed to be run on traffic pavement in the manner of a car or motorcycle). It can run at a speed up to about 5 mph, and a range of nearly 20 miles on a full charge. I have not measured hers to find out if it has 2.5 inches clearance or 3.5 inches clearance (higher clearance allows it to move over a higher thresh hold).

I want to get a carrier for it, a platform added to the rear of her car by means of a bumper frame hitch. I probably want one with a fold-down ramp which would fold out to the side to give an incline which the scooter could ascend. There are tie-down spots on the scooter, and it would be chained/strapped to the carrier.

One carrier I'm looking at folds straight up, when not in use, so that the extra length needed for parking is not required when the scooter is not being carried.

First, any general advice? If you've used such things, you may want to volunteer knowledge that I would not even know to ask.

Second--I see one pictured on the rear of a truck. (The carrier appears to be exactly as wide as the pick-up truck bed.) I see it pictured, folded upright, and the license plate of the truck is blocked. I see it pictured with a mobility scooter on it (possibly a Hoveround), and the scooter blocks view of the license plate. I think the law requires that the rear license plate be plainly visible. (I've gotten a police warning when my illumination of the license plate was not working, at night.) But, I don't see a license plate holder on the carrier. Is once supposed to relocate the plate to the carrier every time it is used? (I think I have sometimes seen a license plate displayed in the rear window of a car--but, it would not be lit up at night.)

Any warnings?

I've seen the hitches for such carriers are class 2 or class 3. The ones I have seen are all square-shaped protruding hitches, and the carrier slides on and is pinned or locked on in some way.
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[*] Post 519750 posted on 16-8-2019 at 03:28 Reply With Quote

Find you local supplier and talk to them. They are going to be way more knowledgeable than us.
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[*] Post 519755 posted on 16-8-2019 at 15:29 Reply With Quote

3 wheels doesn’t sound very stable for a larger person. Please double check it’s right for Ruby.

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