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Author: Subject: CT Youth + Honeybees
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[*] Post 514957 posted on 22-9-2018 at 15:19 Reply With Quote
CT Youth + Honeybees

Just a pleasant thoughts topic re what some youth are up to.

Wannabees = local beekeeping assoc name for its youth program; from the Sept issue of the assoc's newsletter. Didn't say what her age is, nor do I have an age range of the youth membership. I presume that 100% of the youth membership have at least one parent who are beekeepers. The assoc members do not necessarily have their beehives on their own property, but a great many do. I don't think there are any commercial beekeepers in the assoc, i. e., commercial as in the business (fee for service) of pollinating farmer's crops, etc.,.

Name of this girl deliberately omitted.

"Today I saw bees at the beeyard at the
Wannabees meeting. We opened the
hives and I looked at bees on the
frames. The bees were buzzing around
and crawling around the hive. We saw
one queen who was marked with a
orange dot. I was not afraid because I
had a veil and a sweatshirt on. We saw
nectar and pollen and some eggs and
larva. I was having so much fun, I
didn’t want to leave and I am excited to
go back."

Me Here: That white net looking setup in the background is likely an electric fence re major bear problems in CT. I don't know what percentage of the membership have had to install one but there are quite a few that have (and yes they're on 24/7-not likely a homemade contraption but you could DIY if you were so inclined); I haven't read up on this recently, but bears in CT may not hibernate re fairly mild, relatively speaking, winters. They range over the entire state, but the majority of the reported sightings tend to be in the northern area of the state. They are not as "heavy" as their 'cousins' in the more remote parts of New England.

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[*] Post 514959 posted on 22-9-2018 at 16:32 Reply With Quote

Oddly I have been looking at qualifications in beekeeping for pupils. Just this week.
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[*] Post 514964 posted on 23-9-2018 at 09:13 Reply With Quote

I suppose the main qualification for a bee keeper is not losing your bees.

There was a bit about bee keeping on the radio recently and they said, they being the "experts" that its not necessarily a good thing to start a new hive. It can bee (pun intended) too much completion for other local bees.
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