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Author: Subject: Cellular [Mobile] Carriers Will Start To Launch 5G Networks This Year
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[*] Post 513272 posted on 15-6-2018 at 22:06 Reply With Quote
Cellular [Mobile] Carriers Will Start To Launch 5G Networks This Year

CNET had a major article today on 5G networks

I'm not going to post the URL since the entire concept, and the supporting tech, is, as we know, subject to change without notice. I suggest you do a search and pick out what you consider a hit for a site that has stood you well in the past.

I am posting this at this stage cause we all are at the mercy of providers, some of whom have visions dancing in their corporate heads of 5G replacing DSL modems.

I also am posting this as a heads up that the day might come when we might have to face a mandatory marching order to get a NEW phone cause they are going to phase out the old tech--we've all been down that road.

And of course different providers might just decide to go it alone and use a version of the tech that no one else is using, and where that leaves consumers is....

Bottom Line: the time is at hand to start reading up on the 'handwritting on the wall' if for no other reason that when D-Day comes we have a reasonable comprehension of what it all means for each of us personally both in terms of advantages/hype/false promises, and of course MONEY.

If history is our guide in matters such as this, providers will begin disparaging other providers tech in a cacophony of marketing drivel/buzz words.

Can you get a prediction as to whether 5G tech will be more expensive than what you're paying now (to include the devices)---don't be silly!

Remember govt sees its role as never stifling innovation [some titans of industry are touting that 5G tech will improve autonomous motor vehicles]. The only innovation that govt can be counted on to stifle is that which lowers their chances of being re-elected.
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[*] Post 513273 posted on 15-6-2018 at 22:15 Reply With Quote

5th generation will zip along.

I got a brick for calls only 27 years ago when my daughter was a baby. Now she earns her living in the world of all things mobile.

We were just remarking at work today that if you took a sabbatical from work for a couple of years you would be so deskilled when you came back because of how quickly technology is moving forward that you would be starting all over again.
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[*] Post 513279 posted on 16-6-2018 at 03:20 Reply With Quote

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In Oz, GSM was the mobile network and then along came digital, GSM is no longer available, 2G has been shut down and 3G is not long for this world. In another 10 years, it could well be 99Z.....
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