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Author: Subject: Windows Updates take so much time
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[*] Post 512388 posted on 13-4-2018 at 14:05 Reply With Quote
Windows Updates take so much time

I am running Windows 8.1 on my machine, and I generally leave the machine on so that I do not have to take the time to boot up anew and open my browser, which then takes a little time to open the several standard pages I keep open. (KF is one of them;))

From time to time, the machine tells me that Windows Updates are coming in, and that they will not be effective until Windows is restarted. I usually decline to restart at that time--if I am at the computer, it is because I am using it!

As a result, I usually wait what seems like a long time when I do restart, while the Update changes integrate themselves (please correct me if I am misunderstanding this).

Do I really need the updates? Since MS has moved on to Windows 10, shouldn't Windows 8.1 already have gotten every necessary fix? Or, is MS sending me things I need so Windows 8.1 will still work as browsers and other software continue to develop?

If I don't need them, how can I turn them off? Are they loading down my machine with stuff that takes up ram and hard drive space for no real benefit?
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[*] Post 512392 posted on 13-4-2018 at 14:34 Reply With Quote

I think updates are important security wise.
You can turn it off, but it's not recommended.

What I usually do is turn it off when it's time to go to bed, and turn it on again first thing in the morning (and let Windows Update run). I don't need the PC while I'm brushing my teethbrshteeth
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[*] Post 512393 posted on 13-4-2018 at 14:37 Reply With Quote

What Q said. Except you could restart before going to bed.
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