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Author: Subject: Would someone instruct me how to buy music in 2017?
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[*] Post 510288 posted on 30-11-2017 at 21:36 Reply With Quote
Would someone instruct me how to buy music in 2017?

I had seen "The Mamas & The Papas Ultimate Anthology" CD set as a premium return gift for those who donate $150 to the Public Broadcasting System television station. That price is too high for me to justify, but I imagined I could buy it, perhaps used, from someone who made such a donation but wasn't too attached to their set. I sometimes hear, "You can buy anything on the Internet."

But, my initial search did not turn up much.

There is a less thorough "The Mamas & The Papas Complete Anthology" which is also 4 CDs, which I found used for $58. That still seems a little expensive to me. I sort of expected old music to come down in price. I don't think it was released in the U.S.

Than I got to thinking, perhaps the cost lies in the production and distribution of the physical CD (which is also a little trouble to listen to--I don't have free-standing CD players in the rooms of my home, except for parties, unless you count the desktop computer).

So, I might want the equivalent of an e-book. How does a person get music these days, to keep among their files? If I pay to download from somewhere, do I pay by the track? Do I get all that was on an album banded together for one price? Will I be able to move it from one device to another?

Based on your answers and suggestions, I will figure out what TM&TP music for my gift list.
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[*] Post 510290 posted on 1-12-2017 at 02:14 Reply With Quote

If I want a particular CD I just do a search. When I find what I want at a suitable price, I just use whatever method they use to make it available to me.

<cough>I've even been known to record something off Youtube if I cannot find it elsewhere</cough>
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[*] Post 510291 posted on 1-12-2017 at 02:18 Reply With Quote

For personal use, there's always YouTube, and while it takes some organization to keep track of what you've listened to, you can find a great deal of the recorded music of both popular and unknown groups.

And yes, the "streaming" of a uTube vid will tax your modem speed, but not usually to the point where you can't surf; and if there's a download to be done, you can just pause uTube for a bit.

And the legalities of downloading a uTube vid (to your PC) are??? And the ethics of doing so are???
And of course whoever uploaded the vid to begin with, since they in all likelihood didn't own the music is ????

It certainly doesn't appear to bother Google that someone pirated some music, and uploaded it, but if you surf long enough on uTube you will find that a vid that has been taken down/deleted (as per the webpage where it once existed and yet it still continues to show up in the hits); apparently this ONLY occurs when the legal owner complains, after the fact, to Google. And apparently legal owners of music have nothing better to do with their time than to scrutinize uTube on a regular basis to see who's pirated their music. I have no idea by the way how anyone can prove beyond a reasonable doubt to Google that their copyrighted music has been 'stolen'.
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