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Author: Subject: Hard Drive Computer Bay Form Factor Converter Nomenclature Question
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[*] Post 510205 posted on 24-11-2017 at 17:55 Reply With Quote
Hard Drive Computer Bay Form Factor Converter Nomenclature Question

I have come into possession of two used 2.5" HDs that are 'encased' in that black housing that is visible in the embedded image. The purpose of that housing is to convert the 2.5" HD to fit into a 3.5" bay in a computer case.

I cannot remove the 2.5" HD from that converter for unknown reasons, i. e., the drive doesn't budge (not even a 'wiggle') at all when I attempt to slide it out of the housing.

So of course I then looked for bolts that attached the HD to the housing. There is nothing alongside the sides of the HD in the way of bolts/anything at all. On the bottom there are 3 hex bolts with recessed heads (NOT 100% sure that's the correct name for these kinds of bolts--they have a star shaped 6 sided configuration). I have a high quality set of hex screwdrivers (again their "official" name is not on their case) but I can't get these bolts to even begin to loosen.

A Google search indicates that this model drive comes standard with these bay converters, i. e., done by the factory not the end user. None of these drives that show up in a Google search give any indication AT ALL why that was done in the specs.

I am puzzled to know what to do next, and I'm beginning to wonder if this type of HD was designed to begin with NOT to be removable, but that doesn't seem to me to be "logical" to do something like that.

Does anyone know what the "official" nomenclature is for that black housing (it's certainly not "3.5" bay converter" via a Goggle search), AND has anyone ever attempted with a similar HD setup to remove the HD, and succeeded?

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[*] Post 510208 posted on 24-11-2017 at 20:46 Reply With Quote

If you have the right screwdriver bit, can you get it to fit in something like a socket set? That's the first thing I'd try. I have a socket set designed for that very purpose, as it 'appens. The screw, itself, is a "Torx", I believe. Those ones could well be Torx 9. Most people call it a "Star" screw. Don't forget, there's likely to be a screw under one of the labels, too. So, make sure you remove that too.


If that's not an option, my second thought was an impact-driver. That might be a bit too much for the inner gubbins, though.

I'd simply call that a casing, myself.
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[*] Post 510212 posted on 24-11-2017 at 22:19 Reply With Quote

Jack, it may be that the hardware is not designed to be removable. I've been told that some electronics is now glued together. :(

I hope you have success and prove that my idea does not apply here.
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