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Author: Subject: FYI: E-Leather (Material) Information
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[*] Post 509644 posted on 12-10-2017 at 20:03 Reply With Quote
FYI: E-Leather (Material) Information

E-Leather, is both the name of a UK based environmentally friendly materials technology company, and the leather fibre composite that they manufactur. It is celebrating ten years of recycling traditional leather waste through a unique clean technology process to create high performance leather fibre composite.

Me Here: I swear if I read one more time "environmentally friendly materials" in some article, I will....

The market for this composite appears to be for seat coverings for various modes of transportation, such as trains, buses, etc.,. The USA national railway carrier, Amtrak, is receiving its first set of passenger cars (AKA carriages elsewhere) with seats covered with this material.

Its claim to fame seems to be low (easy/quick) maintenance, and needing less 'harsh' [environmentally friendly] chemical agents to clean it.

The embedded image file had to be reduced in file size to fit here, and viewers might not get a clear up close view of what it looks like, but it seems to be 'handsome' looking material.

The image appears to be one of the new cars in operation since a few (very few) passengers can be seen, and the photog must have also been a passenger.

I have never seen any stats as to what percentage of the USA population have actually ever ridden, even once, on a train (sans subways type motor cars), but I don't imagine it's a very high percentage.

I think its safe to presume that the tech for creating e-people will be "arriving" on the scene in no time at all, and what could possibly be more environmentally friendly than an e-'person'!!!!

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[*] Post 509645 posted on 12-10-2017 at 21:08 Reply With Quote

According to a bloke on the radio here, cotton is the most environmentally unfriendly material due to the water it takes to manufacture.
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[*] Post 509647 posted on 13-10-2017 at 00:41 Reply With Quote

The moment you kill something to make something else, it is unfriendly to the environment! What is environmentally friendly is purely subjective. Outside in a blizzard, to me, is an unfriendly environment.
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