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Author: Subject: Terror attacks.
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[*] Post 509040 posted on 18-8-2017 at 16:40 Reply With Quote
Terror attacks.

As opposed to those annoying "I love you" attacks.

I can't help feeling that the way the BEEB, particularly, reports these things doesn't play into the killer's hands. Do people REALLY want to know every minute detail of the killer's life and those of the victims? Where they went to school, what name they gave their dog, when they were four years old, how many men their mothers slept with, that kind of rubbish.

Those details, along with the other ludicrous things that they unearth, surely makes the terror rather worse, for some people?

Not me, coz I ignore it, after I've seen the initial report. In truth, they bang on about these things, so much, that it all becomes wallpaper, very quickly, for me.
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[*] Post 509041 posted on 18-8-2017 at 16:56 Reply With Quote

I was terribly worried about my daughter going to Paris last week and my colleague's daughter came back from Barcelona a few hours before the attack. Our worries are as nothing by comparison to the families of those harmed by these attacks. I think that these people are mentally ill who carry out these atrocities. They choose death over a happy life, destruction over acceptance of others not being like them.
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[*] Post 509043 posted on 18-8-2017 at 18:00 Reply With Quote

Originally posted by marymary100
....mentally ill....

Psychiatry, except for the pharmacology part of it, is NOT a science re a branch of medicine. The diagnosis part is a man made arbitrary schema that even formally "medically" trained psychiatrists do not adhere to, especially on a consistent basis.
Psychoactive medication including anti-psychotic meds are as apt to be prescribed by a licensed medical doctor as they are by a psychiatrist.

Diagnosis does NOT, in and of itself, act as a predictor of behavior, i. e., a reason for the behavior.

Mankind has been on a non-stop crusade since Day 1 to know what makes an individual 'tick' as if knowing that will somehow prevent aberrant behavior. Aberrant behavior is a social norm construct, NOT a medical cause and effect one.

As an example, individuals, or groups of individuals acting together, and who label themselves 'revolutionaries' use what are clearly violent acts as a means to their end. Murdering for a cause can be seen by such people as a justifiable, rationale act.
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