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Author: Subject: Chlorine washed chicken?
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[*] Post 508674 posted on 25-7-2017 at 13:41 Reply With Quote
Chlorine washed chicken?

I wouldn't buy it if my last breath depended on it. Free trade with America? It will only work if they stop trying to offload their shoddy produce on us.
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[*] Post 508675 posted on 25-7-2017 at 14:06 Reply With Quote

Did you listen to the interview on the today programme? The minister didn't answer the question about us accepting it being part of the deal. But of course it would be.
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[*] Post 508676 posted on 25-7-2017 at 16:04 Reply With Quote

There is a back story to all of this:

"It is not surprising that the CDC [Center For Disease Control]would report that salmonella is “common” in chickens since there are approximately 9 billion chickens born inside of industrial hatcheries every year in the U.S. alone, in extremely overcrowded and awful conditions."

There was a "mainstream" news article a while back that ALL chicken sold in grocery stores was contaminated with salmonella.

While there have been numerous recalls of chicken due to salmonella over the years, there has never been a recall of 100% of every single one of them.

The issue of chicken and salmonella has gotten a great deal of media attention, and at all levels of USA govt food inspection/regulations/etc.,. This would include the so called "free range" raised chicken.

I would presume that everyone on this board has a clear sense of just how devastating anyone who has contracted salmonella can be, especially with the very young/elderly/weak immune systems/etc.,.

It wouldn't surprise me that all kinds of strategies are being employed/tested to deal with the salmonella on chickens. And yes, no one, at least at the govt level, is willing to go on record to stop marketing chicken, i. e., you can't go back to a "clean slate" and start all over again.

One interesting sidebar to all of this are chickens at petting farms where youngsters are allowed to touch/embrace chickens and whether that should be banned. The controversy around this "practice" is considerable with all kinds of "experts" weighing in on this in media articles/blogs/etc.,.

I wouldn't look for anything that even begins to approach a resolution anytime soon. All we can do at home is cook chicken at a very safe temperature for a decent amount of time.
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