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Author: Subject: Any musos here abouts?
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[*] Post 508368 posted on 5-7-2017 at 19:09 Reply With Quote
Any musos here abouts?

First off - waves madly at all the old timers and shouts 'how' it all hangin dudes and dudettes?

So ... to my topic.

I'm a daft, doting dad and at times I follow my own rules which is to research thoroughly. Daughter turned 17 yesterday and she asked for a Looper pedal - me being me, bought it. Specifically I got the one she asked for the Rowin Vintage Looper.

So it arrives, we wrap it and hand it over then she starts asking questions which I simply can't answer. So, indulge me if you would with some basic and likely stoopid questions.

1. Presumably you patch the guitar in one side and the output side goes to a speaker. But could it also be patched to a recording device of some form such as the Tascam Dr-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder?

1a. If so, how would one get audio out of the Tascam Dr-40?

2. Could one hook up a microphone to the Rowin and if so would it need a specialist cable? If so do you know what type?

3. Could anything else be linked in to the looper directly? Presumably if she can do 2 then pretty much anything can be recorded.

Any other advice for a noob to Loopers - not me but for my daughter. I can't sing or play a musical instrument to save my life :)

Appreciate any advice you muckers can give.

All the best... ET
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[*] Post 508372 posted on 6-7-2017 at 06:37 Reply With Quote

The output would need an amplifier to power a speaker but I suspect its got a headphone socket? That could go to a recorder.

I don't know the machine, but if you had a sall mixer of some sort, you could plug a guitar and a mic into that then the out put onto the pedal. But wouldn't that be a bit chaotic?
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[*] Post 508390 posted on 7-7-2017 at 11:26 Reply With Quote

I'm not familiar with that specific device but, typically your guitar plugs into one side (the input) and the other goes direct into your amp.

Now, if you want to talk to your recorder, you should be able to connect the output of the looper to the microphone input of your recorder. As to audio out from the TASCAM. I'd guess that you need to plug a line out to a line in of an amplifier possibly called tape in, or record in. You MAY need a pre-amp to make it all work.

A Mic input would work all you'd need is a 1/4" plug to plug into the input. I'm unaware of the need for an active pickup, if it does, then you'd need a pre-amp between the mic and the looper. Just plug it in and try it. It'll either work or it won't.

The looper is an effects pedal that works along the lines of an echo or, back in the old days, an endless tape.
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