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Author: Subject: My new new car, a 2001 Saturn
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[*] Post 507360 posted on 22-4-2017 at 13:59 Reply With Quote
My new new car, a 2001 Saturn

This might be it. I'm having trouble determining exactly what model I have, for two reasons: the car owner's book did not come with the car (but, the owner's manual usually covers more than one version, anyway), and the car has been repainted, leaving off what would have been identifying markings (like SL1 or SL2).

The car was marked "low miles" at 112,000 miles for a car 16 years old averages just 7000 per year. The price on the windshield was $1375, IIRC, but Ruby bargained it down to $895. The fellow who sold it to us is an auto mechanic who has a small lot on which he keeps a few cars of his own and for a few select other people whom he trusts not to ruin his reputation. (Since he is, himself, a mechanic, he can check the cars well himself before agreeing to take them.) Ruby has known him for many years, much longer than she has known me, and we got a van from him some years ago.

I like that the car is a four-door (the Cavalier was a two-door, which made back-seat access much less convenient). There is no rust on the body at all. My brother Vern used to own one, and he says the body is plastic, with an epoxy paint. Our late chemist father would never accept calling the material plastic--I'm sure it is some kind of resin or epoxy material, but non-chemists usually just think of such things as plastic.

John (the mechanic) said he would trust driving the car to Florida and back. (One of the other cars was labeled "Good Work Car" which I took to mean, "don't expect much beyond local transportation").

The body material makes it light and tough, and I look forward to good mileage. I like the fairly traditional styling--so many of the more recent cars have what I think of as a Japanese look to them, with curves like a sprinter about to leave the starting block.

It doesn't have luxury features like electric windows, or extra seat padding, but I think it will do me well. And Ruby got it for me in just one day. She drove me to a couple of car lots that were not open, for me to tell her which cars would be acceptable to me, and then she purchased my first choice the next day while I was at work. It has that clean look that you get from a car lot, rather than buying from an individual who is selling his old car.
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[*] Post 507361 posted on 22-4-2017 at 14:26 Reply With Quote

I really hope this works out a lot better for you - and Ruby. Fingers crossed.
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[*] Post 507367 posted on 22-4-2017 at 15:34 Reply With Quote

Fingers crossed:)
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