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Author: Subject: FYI: Trends Re Online Shopping
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[*] Post 507144 posted on 6-4-2017 at 16:09 Reply With Quote
FYI: Trends Re Online Shopping

FYI: Trends Re Online Shopping

From an article titled "New Ways To Return Online Purchases That Just Aren't Right" a couple of sentences caught my eye:

No summary of the article (in this post) since it's pretty obvious what its content is--I'm sure Google will solve that for you if you insist.

(1) Re returns of items bought online: "Our research shows that people (i. e., customers) don't want to pay for the cost" of the postage, said David Sobie, CEO of Happy Returns".

I see--the something for nothing mentality still has strong roots in the psyche of a good many people. What's not to like about free????

(2) "Where is shopping going?" said CEO Daphne Carmeli. "We believe that fundamentally the epicenter of shopping is moving toward the home."

I see--with the advent of personal robots, take out food/home delivery in abundance, work at home, etc., I can see a future where getting out of bed is optional.

I can readily see that the next 'big thing' are personal drones that will return items that you bought on line (or go fetch your take out order), or as an alternative, businesses that send out drones to your home to pick up items for return.

IF only our cave dwelling ancestors could see US now---well perhaps it really is better that they can't see what they started!!! They might have decided to opt out from procreating.

The embedded image is my concept of the reaction of our forebears when one of their peers explained his/her idea for a "Happy Meal".

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[*] Post 507149 posted on 7-4-2017 at 14:22 Reply With Quote

Only problem with online purchases are that we can't see, wear or touch it before we buy, hence the free return policy.

It's a pity you can't order 2 sizes simultaneously in view to returning one of them. I know you can in theory, but it doesn't sound right:(
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[*] Post 507150 posted on 7-4-2017 at 14:27 Reply With Quote

I order from ASOS sometimes and at my daughter's Hen at the weekend some of the younger girls were saying they did just that, ordered several outfits and sent back all those that weren't perfect. I think that young folk treat it very much as those of my age group who took several outfits into the changing rooms in regular stores.
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