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Author: Subject: CES 2017-Day 1
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[*] Post 506116 posted on 5-1-2017 at 16:48 Reply With Quote
CES 2017-Day 1

This morning (01/05/17) was "Press Day" at CES 2017.

CNET.com, as expected, has its website packed with multiple URLs re this and that "device" being displayed. And of course, every media site known to man is likely to be uploading "stuff" as well; so take your pick if you have a favorite media outlet, and if you're in the 'wish you were here' mood.

I picked out one slide's item. So far, I must admit that I've not seen anything that I would classify as a "game changer" re tech, but sitting at home is, at best, a vicarious experience, i. e., you really have to play with some of this 'stuff' to appreciate its value (OR lack thereof).

This is temporarily my No 1 choice for no good reason that I'm aware of. Pix embedded:

Smart and Blue's Hydrao smart showerheads

Moen isn't the only one trying to change the shower game. French company Smart and Blue showed its Hydrao range of showerheads at CES. They're kitted out with LED lights that change color, from green to blue to purple to red, based on how long you've been showering. The aim here is to cut unnecessarily long showers short, saving you money on utility bills in the process. And you can turn it on without getting out of bed.

Available for preorder in the US now! $99.00 MSRP

I must admit why the write up description for this device just had to come up with some sort of a justification as to why you should own one is beyond belief. Whatever has happened to 'I want one 'Right Now', and I won't take 'No' for an answer'?

JackInCT has attached this image.
Click the image to enlarge it:

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[*] Post 506117 posted on 5-1-2017 at 22:39 Reply With Quote

Actually it is a good concept. I grew up living with water restrictions and now live on rainwater. Showers do use a lot of water, so I can see this as a good thing, but, hardly a "new" thing.
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[*] Post 506122 posted on 6-1-2017 at 01:34 Reply With Quote

I was sent a link to a BBC short video about Day 1.

Wallpaper TV

The BBC website also highlights the laptop with 3 screens which is worth looking at if only for the theatricality of the thumbnail photo of the salesrep.
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