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Author: Subject: Windows Updates--Hardware Updates Question
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[*] Post 505658 posted on 10-12-2016 at 00:05 Reply With Quote
Windows Updates--Hardware Updates Question

Windows Updates Hardware Updates

I presume that every Windows OS has a "feature" that when you use Windows Updates, it gives the end user two buttons after the scan is completed, (1) Express (for the critical updates), and (2) Custom.

Clicking on the Custom button will you give you additional options for the less important software updates, and a separate choice for hardware updates.

My question has to do with the hardware updates that some considerable research via Google didn't explain at all as to where/how/why that runs.

My question is how does the Update process determine that hardware updates are available, i. e., does the initial Update scan actually "query" each and every 'listing' in, maybe, Device Manager regardless of whether there is a question mark or exclamation symbol on a listing [I can't imaginewhere else it would look]?

As we all know, if you go to Device Manager, and click on ANY listing, and IF you then go to Properties/Driver/Update Driver button, and then select the "Search automatically for updated driver software" window, you will see that window tells you that it is going to search the Internet for a better driver; in my experience, when you select that, that process takes a good long while to complete to its conclusion.

Everyone's Device Manager has a long, long list; so I'm wondering if it's the case that when you go to Update, you have to bide your time while Update checks out each and every listing's driver, and searches the Internet in the process for newer ones (such as a device manufacturer's upgrades), even for those listings that have NO problem symbol.

Checking out Windows Updates manually (before that yellow shield shows up in the Task Bar), is a time consuming endeavor as the update scan goes on and on. I sure would like to be able to turn OFF Updates search for hardware updates (to speed up the scan process).

I have attached a pix of Update's non-critical updates some of which are hardware related (and NONE have a problem symbol listing in Device Manager). And, I certainly would much rather go to the device's manufactuer's for any updates, rather than trust MS to do that for me--they have a well earned reputation for making a mess of things, and I don't choose to rely on Restore to resolve a major foul up.

Anyone know how all this really works???

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[*] Post 505664 posted on 10-12-2016 at 10:11 Reply With Quote

I cannot categorically state that Windoze does NOT search the manufacturer's websites for updated drivers but, I'd suggest that M$ only updates from their OWN driver sets. So, if M$ detects a Brand "NoName" googleplex plugged in it will only check against their own driver lists.

Typically, when setting up older machines, I have often found drivers for "unsupported" hardware at the "unsupported" hardware manufacturers website so that would appear that M$ does not search manufacturers websites.

As for M$ updates, I usually, just let it do its thing.
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[*] Post 505669 posted on 10-12-2016 at 10:22 Reply With Quote

Which version if Windoze is this?

It only searches fir Windoze drivers, whatever it is. Often, they will be sourced from the manufacturer, though. By the same token, the manufacturer's site will often have better ones.

Windoze wants you to use what they want you to use, not what you'd prefer to use.

I have Windoze updates disabled, myself.
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