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Author: Subject: Websites That Scan PCs For Driver Updates
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[*] Post 505609 posted on 6-12-2016 at 17:28 Reply With Quote
Websites That Scan PCs For Driver Updates

Websites That Scan PCs For Driver Updates

During the numerous tribulations of installing XP on a machine designed for Win 7, I found multiple instances in Device Manager of hardware listings with the nefarious exclamation/question mark symbols. Without exception, opening up a given list item and doing the Properties/the Driver tab/the Driver Update button, even when I allowed it to search the Web, produced zero changes. The problem was compounded by some of the listings' verbiage as to just what device it was referring to.

I was then forced to try to find drivers manually by searching the Web via Google. Doing this is something that I have very little experience with, especially since it was not a simple matter of going to a given hardware manufacturer's website/tech support/downloads, i. e., just which download would be the one needed would be complete guesswork, since even for the same OS there were multiple choices.

As a an example, the MOBO on this machine was made by Asus, and Asus used Realtek controllers drivers for ethernet access. It became immediately obvious that Realtek has a near monopoly on many different brands of MOBOs onboard 'gear' (like the audio). And this machine's vendor tech support would want no part of this.

The search hits listed several websites that offered free downloads of drivers AFTER the site's gear scanned your PC.

I happen to have a sound card whose manufacturer offers a similar service which involves update scans of my PC (similar to what Scholar is doing for RAM). This is a superb service since the scan does all the thinking as to whether there are improved drivers/programs/etc.,. And of course it creates a Restore Point prior to the install (which gives real/unrealistic peace of mind).

I feel that I am on safe ground with a presumption that each and every one of us is extremely leary of any "service" that wants to scan your PC, and especially so when it is for free.

Having said that, as PCs fail, new machines [that you buy] that you install a HD with an "unsupported" OS on it, will only magnify the problem of finding drivers for what have become legacy peripherals, etc.,.

What I'm asking in this topic is feedback from any on this board that have found reputable websites that do scan your PC (withOUT any nasty nag gear, etc.,) and offer reasonably accurate driver downloads (for a given OS) locations???
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[*] Post 505615 posted on 6-12-2016 at 22:19 Reply With Quote

If I ever needed drivers for an older machine, I always opened the machine, took note of all model/serial numbers of the cards/mobo and then went to the various manufacturer's websites and looked for their drivers. Occasionally, however, they no longer offered support, so then mr Google came into play and I would then go to sites like Tom's hardware, Karlsforums, etc to find the drivers I needed. A qualifier, here, If I was unfamiliar with a particular site then I would only use their drivers as a last resort and then only after an intense viral scan.

I also found Everest a valuable tool for identifying appropriate chipsets on Mobos and then I'd go to the chipset manufacturer's website.
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It's got to be best to go to the manufacturer's website, if you can. But, you can get legacy drivers for gfx cards that are, often, better. :) A look around fora devoted to overclocking might help, there. As you say, Realtek seem to monopolise audio drivers, for some reason. Mind you, NVidia seem to be doing the same with GFX drivers, now.

BEWARE!! If you search for drivers, on Google, you'll get hits from a LOT of sites that are scams. To me, they seem pretty obvious. But, to others, they might seem fine.

You might want to look at sites like Tom's Hardware, ghacks, bleepingcomputer and sites like those, which are reputable. A quick search might show answers from previous questions, such as yours.

Come to that, as you're dealing with XP, there's a small chance that there might be something here, from the good ol' days, when RubbersideUp, Pothead Pixie and the others were around.
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