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Author: Subject: I wish to access another hard drive, running WinXP
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[*] Post 504989 posted on 16-10-2016 at 20:19 Reply With Quote
I wish to access another hard drive, running WinXP

I don't remember if I mentioned that the XP computer I had been running when I lived in the house I'd inherited doesn't work, because someone stole the memory from it.

There are various files on the hard drives in it that I would like to get.

Back in the days of Win95 (and maybe Win98, I'm not sure), I used to move hard drives around, plugging them into the cables hooked into the circuit board of the computer. I think I've been told that WinXP doesn't allow for indiscriminant hard drive movement.

I surely don't want to risk messing up the XP OS in the desktop computer that I am using, which was a gift from a computer guy who is husband to one of Ruby's best friends, and he had the OS on it.

Can I temporarily cable up a hard drive from the no-memory computer onto this machine without causing a problem? I'd like to copy the files onto a USB thumb drive, then remove the hard drive again, if possible.

I have at least two people in mind here who would know how to do this, if it is allowable in XP without a reinstall.
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[*] Post 504991 posted on 16-10-2016 at 20:31 Reply With Quote

If this drive is IDE or SATA, of course. Windows might goof the boot device, of course, particularly if the thing is cabled-up to be cable-select. But, that's easy to sort out. Most modern BIOSes (BIOSses?) have a key to hold to "select boot device", anyway. Note that you'll have to reboot, if you attach an IDE/SATA drive, even if you attach one, using a caddy (which is damned annoying!).

If it's USB, you can just plug it into a USB port, of course, without the need to reboot.

I believe you can even get an IDE-USB adaptor cable, now. Maybe even a SATA-USB, too.
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[*] Post 504992 posted on 16-10-2016 at 23:50 Reply With Quote

Yes there are IDE to USB adaptors, I have used them with limited success. THe main things to worry about would be ensuring jumpers on the "new" drive are correct. Would it not be easier though, just to move the RAM (Why anyone would steal just that is beyond me) from the working box to the one from which you need to copy files. copy the files and then put it back from whence it came. That way you need not worry about having jumpers and BIOS set correctly.

FWIW RAM from that vintage computer would be cheaper than dirt by now, in fact, I'm sure you could find some in a computer that someone has scrapped for nothing. CAVEAT: Some machines are fussy about RAM but and you may need to do some trial and error but, in most cases, it would just be plug it in and away you go. Even your friendly computer guy might have a couple of sticks he'd be prepared to give you. If you were closer I'd happily pass over the 50 or so sticks that I have rolling around in a drawer.
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