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Author: Subject: Will America ever stop talking about 9/11?
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[*] Post 504536 posted on 11-9-2016 at 08:31 Reply With Quote
Will America ever stop talking about 9/11?

There have been lots of horrific things which have happened since but the narrative around this one day seems to be omnipresent.

When will it be time to move on?
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[*] Post 504538 posted on 11-9-2016 at 09:42 Reply With Quote

I'd not seen mention of it, until now. :D

Personally, I believe that keeping on harping on about it demeans it, for the people who died and their families.

I may have mentioned this, before... In Aldgate, where we had the tube bombings, the TV crews tried to interview a local man and he said that whilst everyone was grateful for the support they'd had, they wanted everyone to move on, now, so that the locals could get on with life and return to some semblance of normality. Having spent a lot of my life around there, I was immensely proud of the man. We don't like a fuss.

Different cultures, I guess, coz Americans seem to like all the fuss.

Funnily enough, today is an anniversary for Jane and me, too. Something quite profound happened, to us, that morning and decisions had to be made. The Trade centre thing made us take those decisions in a different way to how we might have. In that respect, I'm glad it all happened, which may seem strange.
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[*] Post 504540 posted on 11-9-2016 at 13:51 Reply With Quote

I can't believe that anyone believes for a moment that what USA media presents has anything to do with anything, never mind a thumbnail reflection of American values. USA news reporting is basically mostly crime, fire, & accidents, and last but not least the weather; the broadcast runtime for any given news program that includes a weather segment is lengthy; weather reporting personalities are just that, media personalities; just showing a pop-up slide with the forecast is de classe.

Doing incessant news reporting YEARLY on 9/11 are basically fluff pieces journalism. Having said that, it does serve one huge item on the political agenda and a constant drumbeating of jingoism that "we the people" need to crush into oblivion "them" and no better way to do that then to, by any and all means, to scare the hell out of the populace that if it happened once, it can, and "likely" will happen again (and give us more of your tax dollars to pay for it all). The fact that it occurred due to govt gross incompetence is a subliminal message, I. e., the govt needs to fight/kill them until they "get it right", regardless of how long that takes---IF EVER.
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