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Author: Subject: Experts in Werd 2010???
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[*] Post 504178 posted on 12-8-2016 at 13:12 Reply With Quote
Experts in Werd 2010???

My chord charts all reside in a word document which is quite complex in its structure with numerous style enhancements, and multiple sections (based upon key signature). As the document is some 500 pages long it is impractical to re-print it every time I add something to it. This document has been developed by me over approximately 30 years and contains just about every song that I have ever played. It has been through several iterations to ease the process of adding new songs to it. I have just recently taken up playing again and have had to add a lot of new songs. When I last regularly worked on this document I was using Orifice 2007. Anyway, for some reason, Word 2010 seemed to want to alter the formatting of various sections regardless of my settings. In the end I created a new document template stripping out redundant code (In VBA) and styles no longer in use. I then re-created the entire document checking the formatting as I go along. Now to my problem

Page numbering is formatted as "Key Signature Section number - page number" e.g. "D Maj 13 - 5" the index refers to the section number and page number of the relevant section. Each section resets page numbering to 1. So far, so good. EXCEPT! Page 1 of Section 1 will only show as Page 2! I can set it to page 0 OK but any other number I set is incremented by one. I use the the {page} field code to set the page number in the header of the page. Each section is not linked to the previous and, as this is section 1 I cannot see where it is picking up the extra page from.

Has anyone some meaningful, or not, ideas?
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[*] Post 504185 posted on 12-8-2016 at 15:52 Reply With Quote

This might seem silly...

How about importing the original file into an open source equivalent, then save it and import it into 2012?
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[*] Post 504188 posted on 12-8-2016 at 16:12 Reply With Quote

Isn't Notepad also helpful for these things?
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