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Author: Subject: Saudi connections to 9/11 - released documents
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[*] Post 503775 posted on 18-7-2016 at 10:12 Reply With Quote
Saudi connections to 9/11 - released documents


Key findings:
•A Saudi intelligence agent named Omar al-Bayoumi provided "substantial assistance" to the hijackers and met them inside of the Saudi consulate.
•al-Bayoumi received payments from companies that had ties to bin Laden and al Qaeda.
•Another alleged Saudi intelligence agent named Osama Bassman also gave direct aid to hijackers and worked with Bayoumi.
•Bassman received money and possibly a fake passport from the Saudi government.
•Bassman received assistance from the Saudi ambassador to the US.
•Bassman was given a "significant amount of cash" a member of the Saudi Royal family in 2002.
•Bassman is a known supporter of bin Laden, and has direct ties to other jihadist groups such as Eritrean Islamic Jihad.
•An "accredited diplomat" named Shaykh al-Thumary was in contact with the hijackers. al-Thumary is a Shaykh at an anti-American mosque frequently attended by Saudi government employees at the consulate in Los Angeles.
•A Saudi Interior Ministry official named Saleh Al Hussayen met with one of the hijackers in September, 2001.
•One of Osama's half-brothers, a man named Abdullah Bin Laden, worked for the Saudi Embassy and has ties to Mohammad Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, two of the hijackers. * Atta is considered to be the ringleader of the hijackers.
•Saudi government money was funneled through a mosque in California known as the Ibn Taymiyyah Mosque. (Note that Ibn Taymiyyah is a 12th century Islamic scholar who is considered one of the forefathers of jihadist thought.) The FBI believes that money was laundered to organizations affiliated with Osama bin Laden.
•A Saudi named [redacted] with close ties to the Royal Family was involved in figuring out how to infiltrate individuals into the US.
•A Senior al Qaeda operative captured in Pakistan is linked to Prince Bandar, the contemporary Saudi Ambassador to the United States.
•A member of the Saudi intelligence service conducted a "dry run" hijacking in 1999.
•The CIA separately found that the Saudi Government was funding and aiding al Qaeda members in the United States.
•The Saudi intelligence agent al-Bayoumi let the hijackers stay in his apartment and helped them find housing in the United States.
•al-Bayoumi co-signed their lease and paid their rent and security deposit (reminder - Bayoumi was being paid by both Saudi Intelligence and bin Laden)
•al Bayoumi threw a party for two of the hijackers, provided them with a translator, and helped them get into flight school.
•al Bayoumi had "extensive ties" to the Saudi Government. He was frequently in contact with the Emir at the Saudi Ministry of Defense, received funding, had his college paid for by the government, and was paid a monthly salary by the Ministry of Defense through September 11.
•al Bayoumi made over 100 phone calls to Saudi Government establishments including three frequent contacts at the Saudi Embassy in DC (remember that Ambassador Bandar had ties to that senior AQ operative in Pakistan?). He also had contacts at the Saudi consulate in London.
•Two CIA agents testified that al Bayoumi was a Saudi Intelligence operative.
•An FBI agent testified that Bayoumi was a Saudi Intelligence operative.
•While noting that [redacted], the FBI formally said that there is no evidence to tie him to Saudi intelligence.
•The FBI received "reliable reports" that Bayoumi was a Saudi intelligence operative and received significant sums of money from the Saudi government. The FBI knew him as a possible operative "well before" 9/11.
•Bayoumi once recieved a $400,000 check from Saudi Arabia.
•Bayoumi was the subject of a terrorism investigation between 1998-1999.
•The FBI had noted Bayoumi's ties to AQ and other terrorist networks before 9/11.
•The FBI investigation found that Bayoumi was a jihadist and attempted to turn young people into jihadists.
•al Bayoumi's pay increased after the hijackers showed up in the US. He had previously recieved a monthly "allowances" pay of $475, it jumped to $3700 after the hijackers arrived **and were lowered again the same month that the hijackers left San Diego (where Bayoumi was based.)
•Al Bayoumi's wife received $1,200 a month from the wife of the Saudi Ambassador.
•After staying with Bayoumi, two of the hijackers lived with an FBI informant.
•Bassman, al Bayoumi's fellow alleged Saudi agent friend, was also in touch with two hijackers.
•Bassman met two of the hijackers through al Bayoumi.
•Bassman lived directly across from two hijackers.
•Bassman has been tied to [redacted] and [redacted] and [redacted] (presumably Saudi intelligence) since at least 1992.
•Bassman’s wife received $2,000 a month through 20002 which totalled to over $70,000 from the wife of Bandar, the Saudi Ambassador. This money was allegedly provided for “nursing services” but she did not use any nursing services.
•In 1998, Bassman received $15,000 directly from Saudi Ambassador Bandar, and his wife received an additional $10,000.
•Bassman has been a known terrorist supporter since 1992, held a party for the Blind Shaykh, and was known to be a huge fan of bin Laden.
•Abu Zubaida (senior al Qaeda operative in Pakistan) also had ties to one of Bandar’s bodyguards who is believed to be a member of [redacted], presumably the Saudi intelligence service.
•Another number found to be linked to a senior al Qaeda operative in Pakistan belonged to someone linked to personal assistants to Bandar.
•al-Thumairy (jihad imam with ties to Saudi government officials) is an accredited diplomat linked to two hijackers.
•The Saudi Interior Ministry official named Saleh Al Hussayen who met with a hijacker a few days before 9/11 has family ties to other jihadists who are under investigation.
•Several Saudi naval officers were in contact with 9/11 hijackers.
•Two of the hijackers are believed to have met with a man named Hamad Alotaibi who worked in the Saudi Embassy Military Division.
•The 1999 “dry run” hijacking involved two Saudi members of the Saudi intelligence service.
•One of the Saudi intelligence agents who conducted the dry run is linked to individuals who are the subject of counterrorism investigations.
•One of the agents involved in the dry run has ties to people suspected of terrorist activity and is himself alleged to have been trained in Afghan terror camps.
•The other agent involved in the dry run wass in frequent contact with Saudi government establishments and was receiving money from the Saudi government.
•The FBI believes that millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia were laundered through the Ibn Taymiyyah (jihad) mosque to Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.
•Saudi money was laundered to al Qaeda through charities.
•The al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, which has ties to the Saudi government, provided financial and logistical support to al Qaeda. The US office of the foundation received $700,000 from Saudi Arabia and had ties to Bayoumi.
•This charity is well known to have close ties with the Saudi royal family. (The financial ties between this charity and AQ have already been investigated extensively so I’m not going to go into detail here.)
•[Redacted] is a man who is subject to FBI counterterrorism investigations and has close ties to a member of the royal family. [Redacted] no longer lives in the United States, although the report does not say where he currently resides.
•The same [redacted] is an employee of Saudi Arabian Airlines and is in contact with Bin Laden lieutenant Abu Zabaida.
•In May 2001, two individuals were arrested in Bahrain while on the way to blow up American facilities in Saudi Arabia, including the above mentioned [redacted]. Because of redactions, it is unclear how exactly he is linked to the Saudi government, but there is something about a false passport.
•The same [redacted] frequently travelled with a Saudi Prince, including to the United States. This is allegedly how he got his job at the airline, but also made money by working with other princes and handling matters relating to known terrorists. He may have been using his status as an airline employee to transport weapons into and out of the United States.
•Numerous American agents complained that the Saudis actively obstructed investigations into 9/11. Before and after 9/11, there were multiple instances in which the Saudis refused to cooperate in terrorism investigations. FBI personnel claim that this type of response is “typical.”
•After the US set up a unit to focus specifically on Osama bin Laden, “It was clear from 1996 that the Saudi Government would not cooperate with the United States on matters relating to Usama Bin Ladin.”
•In 1996, that unit wrote a memo claiming that the Saudis would not cooperate on bin Laden because Osama could tie many Saudi employees to Islamic Extremists.
•The Saudis sheltered other senior al Qaeda officials.


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[*] Post 503799 posted on 19-7-2016 at 14:01 Reply With Quote

Is any of that particularly surprising? The thing is, until after the 11th Sept ,no one could have joined the dots, and of course, by then, it was too late.
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