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Author: Subject: Win doze 10 anniversary Update
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[*] Post 503697 posted on 15-7-2016 at 13:03 Reply With Quote
Win doze 10 anniversary Update

looks to be more of the same except that it "will allow Windows 10 to run a variety of Ubuntu Linux software without the need to run a virtual machine or third-party tools.

A universal Windows app will provide access to the command-line interpreter Bash running on Ubuntu 14.04." (to quote from the article).

I'm wondering if M$ is signalling the End Of Life for Windoze with this admission.
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[*] Post 503704 posted on 15-7-2016 at 17:11 Reply With Quote

I'd have thought this bit would be a lot more important to the vast majority of computer users

"Another extension will allow users to create, edit and view Office files from inside the Edge browser, without having to install Microsoft Office."

So your browser becomes Microsoft Office.

Now die hard Linux users will not install Windows 10, so running things at the command line, memorizing complex codes and hoping not to make any typos and delete all your files, will be of little importance to the vast majority of users.

People who, in pre-Windows day could speak a mystical string of letters, symbols and back-slashes and appeared to be gods of the computer world got very upset when standardised menus were introduced in windows, enabling the average user to do almost as much as these gods could. Their position of power and ultimate knowledge was suddenly eroded and so they long for Linux to rule the world with its cryptic commands, and once again they will be seem as gods.

I started with DOS, at the command line, 30 years ago, and I used Linux machines for four years at one point. But windows made computing usable by the masses. So don't talk about MS signalling the end of life of windows. The vast majority of users would give up if they had to thread their way through the intricacies of command line usage.

Ordinary people use applications. Not the command line. Usability is what matters.

As an example of applications being the important thing, consider this.

At one point in my life I needed a computer that would run one of two particular applications. Everyone said the same thing about which program was the best, (even those who had the rival product) so I bought the recommended device to run it on. Being a windows mobile machine had nothing to do with it. The application made the choice for me.

Oh, and all my web sites are on Linux machines.
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[*] Post 503706 posted on 16-7-2016 at 09:33 Reply With Quote

How long before they take the subscription route?
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