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Author: Subject: My brother-in-law Haywood died this evening
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[*] Post 503063 posted on 11-6-2016 at 03:28 Reply With Quote
My brother-in-law Haywood died this evening

He had been working in the heat, digging in holes, earlier, but he and the other fellow quit early because of the heat.

A little while later, he slumped over in his chair, and did not know his common-law wife. She called for an ambulance, and went outside to wave them in when they came.

By the time they entered the apartment, Haywood had stopped breathing. They used CPR and a respiration tube, and some injections, but he was declared dead shortly after he arrived at the hospital. The cause of death is thought to be heart failure.

In May, he had left the little room he'd shared in our former rented house with his wife, to live in an apartment in a building of 8 or 9 apartments, which he was to manage and maintain for the owner, one of his foster brothers. Ruby and I loved him, but we disliked his marijuana dependency, particularly since he was not paying a full share of the bills.:( He did know the Lord, but the Lord did not rule in all areas of his life.

He finally moved into the apartment when Ruby and I made clear he would not come with us into our new place.

He was just a few years younger than Ruby, and she is heart-broken.
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[*] Post 503064 posted on 11-6-2016 at 04:27 Reply With Quote

Sounds like he suffered heart failure as a result of dehydration. I used to work outside all day in the heat and, once, I allowed myself to get dehydrated and I was totally irrational and, although I should have been taken to hospital, the Ambos could not convince me to get into the ambulance. Fortunately, I was lucid enough to reason with, and SWMBO managed to fill me up with liquids over the next few hours. I never did let myself get into that situation again. FWIW I was normally drinking 8 - 10 litres of water along with other liquids during my working day. That said, that is an excessive amount of water for a normal person, except that I was also sweating it out as fast as I could drink it. (If I couldn't wring my T-shirt out by 8AM, I was having an easy day.)
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[*] Post 503065 posted on 11-6-2016 at 07:18 Reply With Quote

So sorry to hear that Scholar (((Ruby))).

Leigh, wring your T shirt?shocked_yellow I don't think I've ever sweated that much:o
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