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Author: Subject: USA Citizen Takes Revenge Against Telemarketers With A "Bot"
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USA Citizen Takes Revenge Against Telemarketers With A "Bot"

USA Citizen Takes Revenge Against Telemarketers With A "Bot"

One thing for sure, the world is full of folks who absolutely despise telemarketers. So one man finally had his fill, and wrote a "bot" to attempt to hold them in a call as long as possible, i. e., to waste their time in a non-revenue producing encounter.

Activating this bot has technical limitations; it only works on phones that have the "Add Call" (AKA Conference Call) feature. It basically works by the recipient of the telemarketing call activating their 'add call', and dialing a non-toll free number that runs the bot. The bot itself is a series of inane, off the cuff type comments, that occur at random times during the call that have no bearing whatsoever to what the telemarketer is trying to say.

There are a small number of YouTube videos that this man has put up that show very graphically the lengths some telemarketeers will go to complete a "sale" as they interact with the bot that could be construed as the ravings of a semi-lunatic.

Perhaps more importantly are the very large number of YouTube videos that all manner of folks have uploaded that show their complete disdain for telemarketers and the lengths that they will go to (in terms of what they will say) in order to seek some revenge type gratification.

IMO if some program developer could write an AI level type bot that reacts verbally to keywords that the telemarketer is saying they would make a fortune, i. e., that's how angry these calls impact many people.

The URL for this bot is:

Yes, the name of the company that he has formed is the "Jolly Roger Telephone Company"; I suspect that his motivation is not to make money but to start a groundswell type response to have the govt shut these telemarketers down, i. e., to respect/abide by the USA federal govt's "Do Not Call Registry" listing with legal action. The YouTube video hits also carry uploads of folks who have sued, and won financial awards, in court.

I couldn't find how/why this man named his website, nor what his real world name is. But his story/idea has been featured in the media, and has received a good many kudos, of the at-a-boy type responses.
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Excellent! Well done that man!
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A friend of mine's dad does the whole "Oh I'm just a lonely old man" routine when they phone. They hang up pretty quick when he starts talking about the weather etc.
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