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Author: Subject: Can Police Use Eagles To Pluck Hostile Drones Out Of Sky?
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[*] Post 501317 posted on 2-2-2016 at 18:02 Reply With Quote
Can Police Use Eagles To Pluck Hostile Drones Out Of Sky?

Can Police Use Eagles To Pluck Hostile Drones Out Of Sky?

From today's (02/02/16) Christian Science Monitor online article:
The full article is at:

My highly edited summary:

The Dutch company Guard from Above is banking on, as it turns to nature to help police snatch potentially hostile drones out of the sky.

In a video released Sunday, the company shows how it trains eagles, highly skilled predators, to grab flying drones with their powerful talons and instinctively drop them in a safe place, away from other birds or people. In exchange for intercepting flying objects they canít eat, the eagles are rewarded with food that is more appetizing than an unmanned aerial vehicle, reports IEEE Spectrum.

One of the companyís first customers is the Dutch National Police, which is testing the eagle option along with more high-tech solutions to remove drones from areas where they are banned: above large events or near airports, as the Associated Press reported.

Me here: Well it seems that the 'ball' is now in the terrorists' court to come up with an anti-eagle strategy. And how would the police distinguish between a terrorist's drone versus, say, a malicious (such as a prank)/errant/whatever hobbyist's drone?

And I wonder if there are enough eagles in captivity to take down all the drones that anyone in any society feels shouldn't be flying, i. e., the problem of 'bad' drones (how so ever defined) of one kind or another is only going to get bigger and bigger. I guess pretty soon your/mine local police will have to start training its staff in falconry!
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[*] Post 501322 posted on 2-2-2016 at 21:37 Reply With Quote

I don't see why not. They've been using those budgies for centuries to hunt.
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