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Author: Subject: Never get involved....
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[*] Post 501315 posted on 2-2-2016 at 12:27 Reply With Quote
Never get involved....

In other people's intimate relationships....

With the exeption of actual abuse or violece, naturally.

It's a mantra I heard from a friend in my first-year in Bangor and I rather wish I could scream it from my roof.

Everyone (I've counted seven people so far) has decided I should "Watch out" for our female friend who has been hanging about with us a lot recently. When she was with her ex he was taking her to and from work but she lives out of town so she's now had to lodge with a group of friends until she can move here on her own. The friends keep odd hours so she spends her between-shift times visiting her mates in the city, or having her lunch at our house.

Facebook isn't helping. She's been digging up old photos of us all from the summertime and tagging us giving an impression she's here a lot more than she really is.
My own brother was surprised J and her went to ours to watch Firefly after a night out instead of to a different club. It had started to sleet ICEY cold water!
He was actually present when I said "I'm staying here to chat with my family, I'll catch up with you later"

Everyone else's meddling is causing more problems than anything we've found from the friendship!
I'd understand of she was some sort of Scarlett woman, but all we've found so far is that she got a new boyfriend after a few months of not dating at all, and a whole heap of young men (and women) who fancied her started to treat her like rubbish!

Next question: Why do some people feel entitled to a romantic relationship just because they've been nice to you?
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[*] Post 501316 posted on 2-2-2016 at 17:36 Reply With Quote

Much like the "I've bought you dinner now sleep with me..." It's a sense of entitlement I suppose.

FB does cause problems if you let it. I don't even phone my married friends as I don't want to impinge on their relationship so I would never move in and I don't tag people - in fact I generally only ever take photos of places. I remember a really bitchy comment on Lineone when I posted a photo of my mother so I learned that lesson early.
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[*] Post 501320 posted on 2-2-2016 at 20:19 Reply With Quote

I once posted a photo of my sister and I, and she told me to tag it.
I tagged some inanimate object as my sister and she wasn't impressed:D

I don't put photos on Facebook unless I get permission.
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