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Author: Subject: Google or other search engine specifics
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[*] Post 500343 posted on 20-12-2015 at 00:57 Reply With Quote
Google or other search engine specifics

I remember going to the Google search page, and there was some kind of choice offered to go to a more complicated Google search page which, when filled out with more information, was more likely to give me helpful results. For example, I could put in several words in a list where EVERY word had to appear in the result. And, I could specify words whose appearance would eliminate a site from the result list. And, I could request, or eliminate, whole phrases the same as I could do for words.

Lately, this choice has not been appearing on the Google search page, as displayed on Firefox.

Has Google dropped it? Is there a way still to get to it? Would another search engine have what I seek?
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Since I live (in a matter of speaking) in the USA, I PRESUME that Google's search interface varies from country to country (and I'm not referring to language). So what I write here is in the 'your mileage may vary' category.

This URL takes you to the Google Help Center

On this webpage there are help services for various Google products. There is a multicolored letter "G" and under it is the word "Search"; clicking on that, it takes you to another webpage which is entitled "Welcome to the Search Help Center".
There are several listings, and one of which is "Filter and refine your results"; click on that and voila, you get 6 more listings, one of which is "Advanced Search". If what you're looking for is not under that, give the other listings a try.

Remember Mother/Father Google is tracking everything that you do. DuckDuckGo Search (YES! that's what its real name is) states that it does NOT TRACK YOU (whether it would be wise to believe what they tell you is.....
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[*] Post 500346 posted on 20-12-2015 at 10:16 Reply With Quote

I remember when you could put in all sorts of qualifiers. < > = direct quotes star.something etc etc. They did help in the old engines but these modern ones - although sometimes annoying and geared towards advertisers - are very clever. You just have to look a bit further down the list to actually find what you were looking for rather than what Google wants to show you.

There was a time when if you searched for "The Light House Keeper's Bicycle" all you got was my posts in various forums asking if anyone knew the poem.
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