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Author: Subject: New fishes
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[*] Post 500246 posted on 15-12-2015 at 02:07 Reply With Quote
New fishes

Our aquarium has not had the clear water we used to enjoy. I replaced a lot of the water, scraped on the glass, and rinsed the artificial plants, but it still did not look as good as I'd hoped. I then remembered one of the basics--an aquarium is supposed to have cleaning fish, in proportion to the total number of fish in the tank. Since our guppies have been prolific, we have fallen behind in cleaner fish.

So, I picked up another albino cory catfish, and a pleco. I recall Redwolf had a pleco who showed some personality, and who lasted for many years.

I knew Ruby would not admire the pleco for beauty (she likes colorful fish, and probably considers him ugly). But, to her credit, she has not complained. And he suctions nicely to the glass. I think he will do more to clean the glass than the catfish. We used to have some Chinese algae eaters, but they never lasted very long for us.

Here's hoping the new ones do well.

Oh, I also got a couple of ghost shrimp. I don't see much of them, as they are mostly transparent.
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[*] Post 500249 posted on 15-12-2015 at 06:22 Reply With Quote

Remember, scholar, that a clean tank is also related to the ph balance of the water, how much you feed the fishies, and even what sort of fishies you keep in your tank. Years ago we had Shubunkins in our tank, they were among the dirtiest creatures on our aquatic scale.
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You should try fairy liquid.

Hands that wash fishes are as soft as your face
With mild green Fairy Liquid.
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