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Author: Subject: Is This Type Of An Email Really A Spam Attack?
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[*] Post 499585 posted on 19-11-2015 at 22:53 Reply With Quote
Is This Type Of An Email Really A Spam Attack?

Is This Type Of An Email Really A Spam Attack?

Every once in a while I get an unsolicited email where BOTH the sender and the subject blocks have a dot/period between each word.

Image file attached re today's email where this occurred.

A Google type search shows that there is a legitimate website with this name, and there were NO heads up type hits saying that the site name has been used to attempt to confuse the recipient re a spam attack attempt.

But the dots between the words leaves me feeling uneasy that it is spam since it is so rare for me to receive an email constructed like this.

My search also could not come up with ANY hits re these dots being used as a spam tactic, but that my be due to my choice of search words.

It is my practice NOT to open such emails just to see what the body of the email contains (never mind NOT EVER clicking on any links in it once I see the message).

Anyone have an information on what the significance of these dots between the words is?

JackInCT has attached this image.
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[*] Post 499589 posted on 20-11-2015 at 00:43 Reply With Quote

If it looks like spam, smells like spam, and tastes like spam, guess what, it IS spam. Is the message from an organisation with whom you have dealings? Most likely it's just junk mail from some mob who might be offering a genuine service, or fishing for a valid email addy. If you don't recognise it, and the construction of the header leaves you uneasy, delete it.
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[*] Post 499606 posted on 20-11-2015 at 12:09 Reply With Quote

Those dots are sometimes used by people who use DOS, because DOS has problems with spaces. You have to use speech marks, to cover those So, a file on C: named "this file" would have to be accessed by using "C:\this file", rather than just as C:\this file.

Some people use dots, some use underscores. C:\this_file

I'd just name it ThisFile, myself.

Worth remembering, too, that on the interwebz, case matters. On Windoze, it doesn't. On the net, this forum is http://www.karlsforums.com. If you typed the "karl" part as "Karl", it'd fail.

But, that's just an aside. As Leigh said, if it has webbed feet and quacks, it's likely to be a duck. The very fact that it's about timeshare screams "SPAM!", too.
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