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Author: Subject: How Police Can Get Your Deleted Cellphone Text Messages
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[*] Post 499152 posted on 5-11-2015 at 00:56 Reply With Quote
How Police Can Get Your Deleted Cellphone Text Messages

How police can get your deleted cellphone text messages (even if they don't start looking for them until long after you deleted them).

This is a PARTIAL transcript of a local TV station's online website news article. NOTE: this TV station is a prime example of oversimplified, error ridden news reporting that at its best is often wrong (as well as providing erroneous information), i. e., don't take what is stated here as 'gospel', but as something that needs further research especially in regards to how well the technology works, etc.,.

There are a couple of salient points in this article re this tech (this article is one of many making the rounds as to how the police were able to effect an arrest of an adult son and charge him with murdering his parents).

Part of the case against (the son)....are the text messages police got from his cellphone, text messages he had deleted. Investigators were able to access those texts using a new kind of software that is having a big impact on law enforcement....information about what....(he) was doing and saying around the time his parents disappeared came from his cellphone, and the people he was contacting, from his girlfriend to his drug dealer (as noted he had deleted all of those texts)....This news station had a consultation with a local university's forensic science dept....with a computer, plugged in a cellphone and showed the reporter just how easy it is to get into a password protected phone and find, well, everything...even deleted photos, videos and texts....the right software can find it all....it usually only takes about 2-3 minutes at most.... the police used a software program called Cellebrite on the phone, but there are several (other/similar) programs that are in use, and not all are available to only law enforcement agencies.
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[*] Post 499157 posted on 5-11-2015 at 02:11 Reply With Quote

Detectives I know on the city police force and the Sheriff's Dept who keep the courts I cover stocked full of criminals started using that software recent.

Drug dealers are NOT amused.

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[*] Post 499164 posted on 5-11-2015 at 10:44 Reply With Quote

I would imagine that data, on a'phone, is stred in much the same way as it is on a desktop computer, or flash drive. That kind of data can be retrieved quite easily. (Unless it's something you accidentally deleted and actually WANT to recover, obviously) ;)
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