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Author: Subject: How Cow Dung Makes Your Snack Delicious
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[*] Post 498843 posted on 21-10-2015 at 20:08 Reply With Quote
How Cow Dung Makes Your Snack Delicious

How Cow Dung Makes Your Snack Delicious

It's self-evident that to begin this topic, I need to state in unequivocal terms that this post is not a hoax/prank/play on words/joke/etc.,.

In today's New York Times (10/21/14), there was a featured article in their hard copy newspaper that did indeed carry the headline, "How Cow Dung Makes Your Snack Delicious".

Since this article is only available online to subscribers (and is somewhat lengthy), I will quote a few paragraphs, and then summarize:
"The first show at the Museum of Food and Drink’s new space in Brooklyn is “Flavor: Making It and Faking It", and it wastes no time in getting to the point.

“What makes your favorite food so delicious?” the text on a large free-standing panel near the entrance asks. The one-word answer: “Chemicals.”

Me here: This is a museum that explores the role of food technology (by the way, Brooklyn is one of NYC's 5 boroughs). IMO food technology = man made flavors = better living (debatable) through chemistry. There are actual exhibits in this museum that allow a visitor to use any of their 5 senses to get a first hand experience of the chemistry results.

Back to the pertinent paragraph in this article re this post: "About a decade ago, scientists discovered that the lignin in cow dung could yield vanillin, a breakthrough that food manufacturers have not exactly trumpeted. The Food and Drug Administration has taken note, however. As one of the exhibition’s wall panel explains, reassuringly, “Vanillin made in this way cannot be labeled natural, because cow dung is not considered edible.” The point is, vanillin made in a lab is chemically identical to the vanillin produced in a vanilla bean....".

For those of you who feel inclined for a more comprehensive understanding of the technology involved as to how cow dung is allowed to find its way into your food (and NOT be found on the package's list of ingredients), try these search words in your favorite search engine and you will get numerous hits: "how cow dung becomes vanillin".

I would also remind readers of this topic that govt approved food additives, etc., varies from country to country, i. e., what is approved in one country is not necessarily going to be allowed in another.

I would also note that in the USA the word "cow" is often used interchangeably by layman for dairy animals and for [beef] cattle.

Bottom line for this topic in my putting it in the Discussion section of KF: is this another example of our govt lying to consumers to include whether just how much effort have the powers that be put into testing whether this is really safe [OR to put that question another way, are consumers willing to roll the dice that it is, since it results in a more affordable (cheaper) product?
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Having eaten a McDonald's...
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If you saw the pile of cow dung I spread on my allotment your appetite would soon disappear, it's amazing how you get juicy full of flavour plum tomatoes.;)
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