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Author: Subject: Gone over to Linux Mint.
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[*] Post 497471 posted on 16-8-2015 at 16:43 Reply With Quote
Gone over to Linux Mint.

On our laptop, anyway. If updates to W7 take it the way of W10, we want nothing to do with it. So, we're using our slightly aged laptop, to get used to it.

Anything I ought to be aware of?
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[*] Post 497473 posted on 16-8-2015 at 23:19 Reply With Quote

Originally posted by Katzy
Anything I ought to be aware of?

I have 7 (NO! not a typo) Linux Distros (each on its own HD), and Mint is one of them: I periodically hook up each of them in succession to my primary PC (simply because it's the fastest CPU) [and disconnect my Win 7 HD to prevent Murphy's Law from rearing its ugly head].

About my one and only criticism of ANY of the Linux distros is "muscle memory", i. e., I keep having to slap my face to keep my attention span in clear focus since I auto'navigate' (sleepwalk) ALL the time through my Win OSs, and "expect" to be able to do the same keystrokes, etc. with Linux, and of course that ain't going to happen. Linux is good for ye olde gray cells exercise to prove it really is mind over matter to do respectable work with Linux once the grey cells remember what they once learned.

You've made a good choice with Mint and you, functionally, should not see any substantive difference from any Win OS.
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[*] Post 497479 posted on 17-8-2015 at 03:05 Reply With Quote

I've changed over and reverted several times over the years. I'd love to say that I was a pure Linux user, however..... I provide support for Windoze machines, so, I must know Windoze. And there are some things that do not have a realistic Linux equivalent. Try and get a dual monitor setup working with different resolutions and you'll see what I mean, especially with nVidia or legacy cards. I also use Access a lot and Base does not even come close. SQL is a viable alterntive, but..... These days, I need a box to work, I don't have the time to muck around (much as I'd like to). Linux also did not seem too happy talking to my Windoze network without a LOT of jigger pokery. Have fun with it, Katzy, I hope it serves you well.

Question, Jack: 7 distros? Begs the question, why? Are they all used regularly, or is it just an interest?
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