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Author: Subject: Open Office or MS Office
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[*] Post 493241 posted on 29-1-2015 at 09:52 Reply With Quote
Open Office or MS Office

I thought I'd delve into the cross platform solution offered by Open Office. Having spent over 4 weeks mucking around attempting to set up a database to catalogue my stamp collection using "Base" I eventually gave up because I could find very little support in the way of programming it. It would seem that there would have been solutions from which I could have used as examples to learn the programmatic skills I needed. The help fora seem to be a very knowledgeable bunch but those who inhabit them seem to live in a completely different world than the rest of us. Despite the fact that some of the experts seem to have English as a second or third language I get the impression that unless you are "one of them" that you have to extract teeth just to get the info you need.

As I said, I eventually gave up and went with M$ Orifice. Within 3 days I was as far along as I ever got with Base and now, 1 week later I now have a working solution with only a few refinements that will be developed as I have need. All without having to ask questions. (All right I did ask one question in an Access forum which has been down [Bad Server Request] ever since)

I haven't spent a lot of effort in Write or Calc but I suspect that they may well be in the same boat as Base. So, from my perspective, I think M$ Office is still worth the money. Considering I was developing using Office 2010 (my last experience was Office 2003) and they have changed the interface and some of the command set I am suitably satisfied, which is rather a pity, because I was hoping for a "free" solution but Open Office is close, but no cigar!
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[*] Post 493242 posted on 29-1-2015 at 10:39 Reply With Quote

Do you want the whole she-bang?

If you just want a cross-platform "Word", you might like this.

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[*] Post 493246 posted on 29-1-2015 at 14:30 Reply With Quote

I use it for everything else. I tried to set up a database but gave up.
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