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Author: Subject: Unable To Delete A File
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[*] Post 491684 posted on 5-12-2014 at 15:22 Reply With Quote
Unable To Delete A File

This is a post re the inability to delete a file (Win 7 OS).

I created a very small file from a Win 95 era 'Post It' (sticky note paper for you younguns as in tiny word processing program) type software program [they tend to reside temporarily on my desktop].

I cannot delete this file from my desktop, AND it does not appear in ANY folder, etc., in Explorer; this includes a try using the Command prompt and old DOS commands. Also I cannot rename it, or open its Property [I can get a Property window, but can't enter it].

Numerous 'Unable to delete a file' posts come up with a typical Google search, and most of the responses include using Windows Recovery.

I have zero confidence in Windows 'behavior' [aka competence] re not making what is really a minor problem much, much worse re using Recovery and winding up with a disaster (not to mention that there is no guarantee that using Recovery will solve the problem).

Anyone have any alternative ideas? An ideal solution will be some software that will focus exclusively on this one file for deletion, rather than 'mess with' the entire local hard drive.

FYI: this issue is occurring on my secondary archival backup PC on which I attempted to put Linux on a thumb drive, and in the process somehow managed to mess up the MBR for the machine. The solution via a Linux tech support website was to use Recovery from the OEM OS install disk (Win XP). Guess what? There was no Recovery feature on the OS install disk (which you should get when you boot up the install OS disk), and as per Google, some vendors have decided to leave it off and it appears mine was one of them. Well that shouldn't be a problem any longer since, it appears, that you are not going to get an OEM install OS disk (even IF you are willing to pay for one) when you buy a new machine.
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[*] Post 491685 posted on 5-12-2014 at 15:39 Reply With Quote

Permissions? Right click and check the properties.
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[*] Post 491696 posted on 5-12-2014 at 18:54 Reply With Quote

I assume not, John, as he said "I cannot rename it, or open its Property ". :(



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