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Author: Subject: Scheduled Time PC Auto Shutdown Problem
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[*] Post 491234 posted on 20-11-2014 at 15:55 Reply With Quote
Scheduled Time PC Auto Shutdown Problem

This is a post re how to automatically (unattended) shut down, at a user configured predetermined time, AND in doing so, automatically close any open (unsaved) files [which entails SAVING any open files in order to shut down].

Various Win OS versions have a "Task Scheduler" 'feature' [I have Win 7]; mine doesn't work, and as per a Google search, it's a very common problem and good old MS, while having many support type responses to queries, has 'fixes' that don't work, and complaints from end users that they don't, which only results in more of the same from MS.

There are 3rd party auto shutdown programs (both free and for a fee-the fee ones are very elaborate, multiple features gear).

I have found a free auto shutdown that works just fine, but there is a problem IF/WHEN I have an open file that I have not saved, i. e., as is typical for just about all software, if you have an open/unsaved file, when you attempt to close its program, you get a popup window asking you if you wish to save the work; so if you're NOT there to respond to this popup window, nothing is going to happen at auto shutdown time (you get the shutdown screen and the shutdown process ceases to continue).

Also it does not appear that any of the free 3rd party software offer such a feature, nor does any of the fee ones (the fee ones that I've looked at don't come right out and say in their feature list that their program will save opened files).

So has anyone ever figured out how to work this task out?
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[*] Post 491249 posted on 21-11-2014 at 04:14 Reply With Quote

Whilst I can identify with your issue, the problem being that there are so many different programs on the market and, whilst many do remind you to save your work, they may do it in a different way, so the hook that works for, say word, may not work for wordperfect. There are, of course methods of killing apps, but that does not allow an "autosave" option. The question I might ask is, why do you need an autoshutdown? When you've finished for the day, is your time so precious that you cannot wait another minute to shut down? Autostart I can understand, but shutdown? Unless you are using it for a media centre and using it to record on a schedule, then dialog boxes, again, should not be an issue.
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[*] Post 491266 posted on 21-11-2014 at 12:09 Reply With Quote

There's a program known as PTFB.

If you train that to react to such requesters, I'd assume that'd work.

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