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Author: Subject: Nothing on Ruby's monitor
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[*] Post 486155 posted on 5-5-2014 at 23:57 Reply With Quote
Nothing on Ruby's monitor

On Ruby's computer, nothing is showing on the monitor--no picture displayed, not even an indication it is on (such as a power light (green) or standing-by light (yellow)

I picked a random monitor from my storage supplies of computer parts and plugged it into the computer to see if anything would show, and nothing appeared.

I'm considering the following possibilities:
--perhaps the power supply to Ruby's flat-screen monitor is not working
--perhaps the monitor itself has stopped working
--perhaps the graphics card (video card) in the computer, which was assembled for her by a best friend's husband who works on computers in his profession, has stopped working
--perhaps the video cable between the graphics card and the monitor has stopped working

My own desktop computer system was mothballed when we found we were both using Ruby's newer computer whenever we used the internet. I could assemble it again, and see if Ruby's monitor works on it. (Both computers use WinXP.) Also, after establishing that my monitor still works, I could hook it up to Ruby's computer and see if it displays when hooked up to her system. This could tell me if the problem is with her monitor, or with her computer.

What do you think and/or suggest? My computer monitor is the old CRT type.

I am typing this at the library.;)
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[*] Post 486168 posted on 6-5-2014 at 11:44 Reply With Quote

The fact that the monitor does not even power up suggests the problem lies with the monitor:(
Is it plugged in OK? Have you checked all the connections? Have you tried plugging it into a different socket?
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[*] Post 486177 posted on 6-5-2014 at 12:32 Reply With Quote

The first thing I'd check is all connections. Make sure the power point a)has power and b) is turned on. (I've been called out to a 'puter that wasn't plugged in before). Does the computer "beep" when you turn it on? (That, at least indicates P(ower) O(n) (S)elf (Test)). IF multiple beeps at POST, that will indicate a problem with the system unit. If only one beep, does the computer drive "activity" light flash? (That tells you that the computer is loading windoze). More information needed.
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