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Author: Subject: How do you tell if an apple is sweet (without biting into it)?
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[*] Post 479775 posted on 16-11-2013 at 01:30 Reply With Quote
How do you tell if an apple is sweet (without biting into it)?

Tonight, I was pleasantly surprised when I bit into a delightfully sweet apple from my refrigerator.

I haven't eaten a good, sweet apple for a long time.

How do you know if an apple will prove sweet? I must have eaten dozens of apples that weren't sweet. I think this is the first really good one I've tasted in years. Sometimes, they are so sour or lacking in good taste that I've taken a few bites and then not finished them.

I'm usually attracted to a really red apple, because I think of that as a sign of ripeness (the green has entirely disappeared). But, this good apple I just ate was not especially red.

Some of the worse apples I have eaten were candy apples, the kind dipped in caramel, perhaps also rolled in crushed nuts. It is as if the orchards saved the worst apples to be candied up, because their flaws would be covered. (But, I understand poor apples are used to bake apple pies, where the natural flavor is augmented by the sugar and the spices.)

I know sweet corn loses its sweetness in the days after it has been picked, as the fructose turns to starch. Does something like that happen with apples?

I think many apples in American stores are picked hundreds of miles away and shipped by truck, and they may be out in the stores for some days as well. I don't really know how old those apples are, compared to the time they were picked, or how much of the aging/ripening has happened since then.

What do you know about apple selection? How do I repeat my good experience?
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[*] Post 479779 posted on 16-11-2013 at 03:28 Reply With Quote

Try Jona Gold apples, nothing juicier or better.waveysmiley
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[*] Post 479782 posted on 16-11-2013 at 07:45 Reply With Quote

I like Braeburns - crunchy and always sweet.

Scholar - I think you are right about fruit losing it's flavour if it is too long on the shelf also if it is a 'forced' variety i.e. out of season. For example, there are still strawberries on the shelves here but they are tasteless and not worth buying.
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