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Author: Subject: Websites Log Out Issue
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[*] Post 477606 posted on 29-9-2013 at 16:59 Reply With Quote
Websites Log Out Issue

Re Windows OSs & various web sites log outs:

I've noticed for quite some time, regardless of what browser that I'm using [I have 3], that when I hit the logout button, after the screen resets, I see my email address (which for that particular website is what is needed (mandatory) to log in, and a series of large "dots" in the password block; the number of dots correspond to the length of my password; this is all visible in the sign in/log in window. None of the options/preferences in any of my broswers seem to prevent that. I DO NOT store any passwords/sign in stuff in any of my browser's options/preferences, so that can't be the reason why this occurs.

I'm wondering when I close out the website if my email address, and those dots, "vanish" into cyberspace, or knowing the security holes that exist in the various Windows OSs whether they are stored somewhere on my PC, and are thus accessible to some knowledable hacker who knows where to look for them; even the number of "dots" would tell a hacker how many characters he has to crack.

Anyone know anything about any of this?
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[*] Post 477615 posted on 29-9-2013 at 21:04 Reply With Quote

In many cases, now, the number of dots doesn't, in truth, relate to the number of figures in the password. :)

Those passwords are only stored on your machine, if you click "Remember password". But, if you do that, the passwords are quite heavily encrypted. So, unless someone actually uses your own machine, to access these sites, you should be OK.

That having been said, there're freely available programs that can crack those dots, if you set your machine to remember passwords. (I have such a program, myself).

But, again, they'd have to actually use your machine, themselves, to do that.

Those dots are only shown so that anyone looking over your shoulder won't see the password.
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[*] Post 477644 posted on 29-9-2013 at 23:56 Reply With Quote

If you have set your machine to never remember passwords anyway, what might be happening is that a cookie is still "holding" your login details until you close that session. What happens if you close the browser and re-open it? Do the login details persist?
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