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Author: Subject: Magic the Gathering PC computer game
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[*] Post 467843 posted on 15-12-2012 at 23:24 Reply With Quote
Magic the Gathering PC computer game

Look here

Magic the Gathering from 1997 was a computer game that sought to closely emulate the card game of the same name, to the point that the player actually used "cards" dealt by the computer, and played against the computer as an opponent.

I used to enjoy playing the game on my Windows 98 computer, from a CD, but I loaned it out and never, as far as I know, got it back. (The loanee said he gave it back to me, but I don't remember it. In any case, it is now lost.)

Now, a search tells me there are some people who would sell me the game, either new or used, from about $27 to $128.

However, I also found at least one web site that seems to be offering links by which this old, abandoned program could be downloaded. If so, I would like to save the money--but, would I be able to get it to work from downloaded files? Would I have to restore it to a CD so that the files would be where the software program expects them to be when it calls for new stuff? Or, would such an older program reside entirely in RAM, once executed?

Would I be able to run the program on a system using XP? (The 1997 program was designed for Win95.)

The retrogamer site says it is in 10MB part file, which would allow a person with a slow connection such as myself to download it.

What do you advise? What do I need to know or learn?

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[*] Post 467852 posted on 16-12-2012 at 01:32 Reply With Quote

There are abandonware sites, do a search though here, and you'll find a link I posted some time back. Being written for W95 may actually work in your favour as it may well be suitable to run as a standalone in a DOS box. If not, XP does have compatibility mode. To download, you may well be advised to use a bit torrent client and find it on a torrent site.
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[*] Post 467861 posted on 16-12-2012 at 02:03 Reply With Quote

Take a look on Ebay.com
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