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Author: Subject: loosing signal with monitor
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[*] Post 459579 posted on 3-7-2012 at 08:17 Reply With Quote
loosing signal with monitor

hi, my pc is loosing signal with the monitor while playing games mostly but sometimes while im on the desktop usually when watching movies it cuts out. While the screen is blank the background noise will distort for a few seconds then play normally. I have taken my pc to a repair shop twice they have done many tests on it and have not been able to come up with anything. They played all the games fine even with my monitor and did not lose signal. They suggested change my power source ive tried that n its still happening also been threw several boards hasnt helped. If anyone could help me out that would b great im contemplating bashing my pc with a sledge hammer n stickin to console lol
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Hi James, welcome to the funny farm. Now, to your issues. A detailed spec on the Computer will help us i.e. CPU, RAM, Video Card, Operating System. There are many things that can cause such an issue. Power Supply being one of them. Is it powerful enough to drive your system when it is working hard. Games are one thing that, unfortunately for the uninitiated, do try to squeeze every ounce of performance out of a machine. It's sorta like trying to use a dump truck as a Ferrari. They'll both get you there, but the ride, well...... What games are you having problems with? Something in the back of my head is saying that there are known issues with some nVidia cards, but that is as far as I can go. How much disk space have you? Is there much empty space? Sometimes the system can get flaky if your primary drive gets too full of crap. Not enough swap space.

That'll do for now, one of our other techs should also pop in for a looksee too. I hope we can help you solve your problem.
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I'm betting that Windoze Update, in it's wisdom, has uninstalled your graphics card drivers and replaced them with Microsoft's drivers.

Try going to the website of your card's manufacturer and getting the proper drivers.

Always check what Windoze update is doing, rather than just letting it do it's thing, because the drivers it insists on installing aren't, always, best for the job.
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