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Author: Subject: Installed new CPU
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[*] Post 444181 posted on 12-9-2011 at 21:07 Reply With Quote
Installed new CPU

Well the subject says it all. I had an older AMD Athlon XP 1800+ CPU (Socket A) for many many years. I am trying to get a good year or two out of the system so I decided to upgrade to the biggest CPU allowed by my motherboard which is an AMD Athlon XP 3000+. I want to know if I have the correct FSB Clock Speed for my CPU? I had it originally at 133mhz but that was because of the 1800+ CPU. With it at 133mhz the OS recognized it as 2200+. I changed it to 166mhz and now it recognizes it as 3000+. However, on a few websites it's showing the FSB can go up to 200mhz and 333mhz on others? Which is correct? I also have 2 new 1gb sticks of PC2700 DDR SDRam installed. Before I had PC2100 setup.
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The AMD website says 333MHz FSB speed have a look here which is a pdf which gives the spec for a range of older CPUs. It may also handle 400MHz from the pdf.
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The AMD 3000 was a funny beast, as the FSB bus speed for the Athlon 2800 was 166mhz and by upping the FSB in the bios you could with a 99%safety lift it above the Amd 3000, now the Amd 3000 purported to run at 200 mhz as this uses a multiplier within the bios (providing it is not locked )mine were not I raised the multiplier on my 2800 to 19 which gave a speed of just short of 3200. nowon the AMD 3000 if you up the multiplier to about 17x200= gives around a speed of 3400. if you do this only increase the multiplier incrementally and if things awry go back into the bios and decrease until you get a stable board .keep an eye on the cpu temperature modern 4x and 6 x Amd's don't need this type of upping as they are fast enough for the normal user only the keen gamer would play around trying to squeeze out the last bit of frame power available.jmb
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