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Author: Subject: The Green Lantern movie
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[*] Post 436247 posted on 6-6-2011 at 17:24 Reply With Quote
The Green Lantern movie

I am hoping "Green Lantern" will be a great movie--but, will it?

Followers of Green Lantern in comic books know that the first Green Lantern character had a magic origin, and his ring had no power over wood. The Green Lantern of a generation later got his ring powers from an alien. The Hal Jordan Green Lantern character eventually experienced psychological problems after his home city was catastrophically destroyed, and he tried to get enough green lantern power to resurrect and restore the entire city. I remember reading one of the comic author-editors said that this dark storyline was allowed because the character had become too bland--he was just the guy who wore the ring, and did not evoke strong feelings in a fan base like some other comic characters do.

I see that the movie version of Green Lantern follows the alien-bestows-the-ring origin. I also recognize in the previews two classic Green Lantern enemies--Sinestro, the renegade Green Lantern, who decided to use the power ring for selfish interests; and Hector Hammond, the super criminal with an enlarged brain which gave him mental powers such as telepathy. Either of these enemies would allow for interesting plots.

What I am wondering is, will the movie be well-written? Will it see character development, like Spiderman 2? Will it show the kind of humor that was written into the first Iron Man movie? I find nothing as disappointing as when the characters are not developed as people, so that they seem to be little more than an empty suit with super powers. Even good characters can be written into a bad movie (remember the first Star Trek movie? It was known among fans as "Where Nomad has gone before" because the plot so resembled the Nomad episode in the TV series. It almost killed the Star Trek movie franchise).

Opinions, anyone?:)
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Shouldn't we go and see it first before judging it?
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I was a green lantern fan. I always thought that was one of the best from the DC camp.
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