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Author: Subject: Cat Attack !!


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[*] Post 430589 posted on 14-3-2011 at 21:34 Reply With Quote
Cat Attack !!

I have an 18 month old rescue cat named Willow. She is usually very placid and affectionate with me but extremely shy and timid with visitors, in fact she runs and hides when anyone new to her comes to the house.

This morning she really shocked me!

She was on the craft room window sill, bird watching, when a beautiful, fluffy, silver tabby cat walked round the corner of the garage. Willow went absolutely berserk - throwing herself at the window; growling; hissing; howling like a banshee. The little cat cleared the fence in a single bound and vanished without trace. I went to stroke Willow, just to reassure her, and she went for me ! Clung onto my arm, biting, scratching and growling the whole time. It was quite scary and left me pouring with blood. I left her to calm down while I went and emptied a bottle of tea tree oil on my wounds, but then -even though I never shouted at her or touched her at all - she growled and spat at me.

It was very scary - and painful. After I had attended to the wounds I made a cup of tea and went into the sitting room - but then I thought that this might be a territorial thing, and I could not let her win - I would lose my craft room !! So I walked back in and sat at the desk - but didn't speak to her. She was prowling and growling like a caged tiger, but I just ignored her until she came and sat on her chair beside me. I asked her, quietly, if she was OK - she flattened her ears and stripped her teeth at me. but I was not going to back down or be driven away. She kept on growling and hissing for a while then eventually she went to sleep.

A neighbour telephoned and asked if I would go across and bring some things down from her loft (she has recently had a knee replacement and can't climb ladders just yet) so I did that and stayed for coffee and a chat. When I came home - Willow ran down the hall to meet me and brought her favourite ribbon for us to play with.

All this evening she has kept bringing me things - catnip mice, pieces of string, paper balls and her ribbon. I believe she is trying to say 'Sorry' so I have taken the time to play with her and make a big fuss of her to show that there is no ill feeling !

I think I will sleep with one eye open though !

I have had cats for over 30 years and I have never had one turn on me like that. My hand is really bruised where her teeth went in ! Just shows - they are not nearly as domesticated as we think !!

Has anyone else experienced this aggressive behaviour in a normally placid cat ?
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[*] Post 430591 posted on 14-3-2011 at 22:40 Reply With Quote

That's a shame Nim. Perhaps that's why she ended up a rescue cat or else she has been abused in the past. Good luck sorting it out.
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It . . . left me pouring with blood.

Here's hoping nothing like it happens again. If Willow gets upset again, I would not try to touch her!
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