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Author: Subject: IPhone Question
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[*] Post 428543 posted on 9-2-2011 at 00:50 Reply With Quote
IPhone Question

I have an Iphone 3GS. ITunes, the latest version, will let me synch the iPhone with only one Computer. If I change PC's (laptop to desktop e.g.) Itunes wants to delete everything on the Iphone and replace it with the list on the current PC.

How can I a) copy data from an Iphone to any PC
b) copy data from any PC to my Iphone
Without first destroying all data on the phone.

Is there anything better than Itunes for the task of keeping my Iphone happy?
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[*] Post 428580 posted on 9-2-2011 at 14:55 Reply With Quote

A friend of mine deleted every music from her boyfriend's iphone:D
He was furious:P

No, I don't have an iphone so can't comment. I'd love one thoughkewl_glasses
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[*] Post 430159 posted on 7-3-2011 at 00:44 Reply With Quote

To begin with, this is a convoluted solution. Perhaps more trouble than its worth.

I have the VERY same problem with my iPod.

Without much effort, I, once upon a time long ago, located ALL the files where Windows stores them (actually 100% in just one folder); by the way I called this my MASTER iPod PC. I then copied them to a backup media (and continue to do regularly).

I then go to my secondary PC and delete ALL of the iPod files stored there, and replace them with the files that I have on the backup media (exact same location, same folder name, etc.,).

IF you insist on adding new data on the secondary PC, you will have to repeat this process in reverse.

This comes in real handy by the way re PC crashes.

For any iPod users who reads this, a reminder: I have 30 gigs of music; making a copy of the entire Windows iPod folder on my year old AMD (my master iPod PC) takes 15+ minutes. The copy process to my secondary Intel 5 PC is a little bit quicker [the AMD is comparable to the Intel 5 and Im notremembering either Mhz]; the copy to my Intel PC is simply an overkill attempt to have two desktops that are identical if one should die re zero loss of any capability (all data files, etc.,).
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