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Author: Subject: Easy meat
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[*] Post 426189 posted on 9-1-2011 at 14:57 Reply With Quote
Easy meat

According to Jack Straw, who was in a position of power to do something about it but didn't, there are older Asian men who see very young white girls as easy meat. They use alcohol and drugs to get the girls to have sex with them and then pimp the girls out to other Asian men.

A documentary about this was pulled in 2004 because there were worries that it would be seen as being racist.

One article

So, are white girls easy meat? Should we protect in some way or educate young girls about this so that they avoid the situation in the first place?

Should we prosecute any man who has sex with a young girl who is under the influence or underage no matter which section of the community he is from?
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This has been happening for years and anyone who spoke out was branded as racist, a BNP supporter or ended up with their lives at risk from reprisals. This is the state of affairs in the UK not just for sexual predators but for any racial issue. There have been white gangs but if the ethnic gangs was caught it was totally brushed under the carpet whilst white gangs where attacked in the press. Those in power won't talk out because it's Politicly Incorrect. Can you imagine what the ruckus woud be like if Straw was still in power? Even the Ethnic Communities have said something has to be done.

It's coming to a head as people got a shock when BNP became a 'legitimate' party as the problem is only getting worse. For too long it's been swept under the carpet.

If something isn't going to be done about then we're looking at what happened in France, all out riots and warfare in the Streets. Although the Warfare is already here with the racial gangs fighting in the streets and Ghetto territory warfare that goes on around us in England.

So far Scotland has managed to keep a cap on this, but the ethnic minorities haven't got such a strong hold in Scotland yet.
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I agree with Faolan what ever happened to free speech?
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