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Author: Subject: How To Tell If Multiple Security Gear Programs Get In Each Others Way
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[*] Post 411772 posted on 27-6-2010 at 13:13 Reply With Quote
How To Tell If Multiple Security Gear Programs Get In Each Others Way

The time is past due for me to give some thought to the following POSSIBLE problem, but perhaps more based on my lack of in-depth tech type knowledge of how things work in PCs.

I have 3 "anti-spyware" programs residing in sys tray, (1) Free Ad-Aware (Lavasoft), (2) Spybot & Search & Destroy, & (3) Fee (NOT FREE) Malware Bytes Anti-Malware. All 3 have 'resident protection'/real time capability, i. e., I think that means that when they have icons in sys tray, they're "on duty" 24/7. To round out my security gear, I have free ZoneAlarm (Checkpoint Software), & free Avast, Anti-virus by Alwil software.

The fact that they take up system RAM in order to load into sys tray and be on duty 24/7 which uses system resources which are finite is the least of my concerns relative to the issue of a successful penetration.

What I'm most concerned with via this topic is "effectiveness", and in particular the single issue of whether they ever get in each others "way", and actually wind up "obstructing" each others work. As an example, I've been using Ad-Aware for well over a decade, and I've literally never seen it do anything in real time, anything at all, and even when I run a manual thorough scan (thorough scans are my first choice as a part of my periodic "maintenance" for hidden security issues), I rarely see anything turn up, and ditto for Spybot scans, and Spybot rears it's head infrequently while it checks "something" out in real time (which always passes whatever it is testing for), and Iíve never figured out the why/when it does that (FYI: my two quad core PCs have a noticeably much, much quicker scan time than my old Pentium 4 machine which had a good amount of RAM).

So the question that I'm posing for the forum is whether there is some way of checking out, not so much the overlap potential, but whether I should be on the lookout for some kind of telltale markers that indeed they CAN, and do, get into each others way.
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[*] Post 411777 posted on 27-6-2010 at 13:59 Reply With Quote

I'm no security expert, Jack, but that is much as I've been running for years with little trouble. Sometimes Spybot may tell me that AdAware is doing something but that is about it, and you can normally sort that out anyway. The only thing that you should not run two of is anti-virus apps.

Typically I'd not let Ad-Aware live in memory and only run it on an "as needs" basis, i.e about once a week. Spybot was allowed to stay resident as it monitored system settings and the like. MWAB, is not one that I've used, so cannot comment upon it's use or efficacy. ZA is still arguably the best, and certainly, the least vocal of the software firewalls. Comodo is another exceptionally good firewall, but was a little too busy for my needs. AVAST is a good anti-viral prog and one I am using currently. I've used AVG in the past and is also very good. (I only changed to get a feel for other products.)

My current setup is very simple.
Avast for anti virus, my Router handles the firewall and I keep W7 patched and up to date. I do a scan through my startup list using various tools on an UBCD for Windows on a fairly regular basis so that my system is kept fairly lean, mean and might unclean.
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[*] Post 411787 posted on 27-6-2010 at 19:32 Reply With Quote

If the anti-malware is worth it's salt, you wouldn't need other's running alongside it. AdAware has lost it's way for me, and is nowhere near the app it was some years ago, so I wouldn't even entertain the idea of that. Spybot is ok still, but not up to the same level as MWB, so it's a simple choice IMO.

You don't run two AV's because there is a chance of conflicts, leading to vulnerabilities or system instability. The same, IMO, applies to anti-malware products.

For me, Avast does it's job well, and covers most of the necessary bases, MWB fills the gaps in between, and does it's job just fine, leading to a fairly secure setup, providing user interaction don't stop that effectiveness. ;)

Nothing else, bar a decent firewall, (and possibly NAT router) is needed IMHO.
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