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Author: Subject: American Politics amazes me
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[*] Post 410721 posted on 10-6-2010 at 13:56 Reply With Quote
American Politics amazes me

How can this even happen? He seems to have nominated and that is it! No wonder you Americans are so anti government, you have no idea how to elect them properly. At least the crooks we get can afford to tell us that they are crooks.
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[*] Post 410763 posted on 11-6-2010 at 02:04 Reply With Quote

The Democrat primary for lt. governor in Illinois was a similar story. The Democrat who won had been arrested for attacking a girl friend who had a record for prostitution. He was hounded to withdraw with threats that he would be arrested on false charges if he would not go quietly (or so he says, at any rate. The people whom he says threatened him will not confirm his version). He did withdraw, but he is now trying to run to be governor as an independent candidate.
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[*] Post 410847 posted on 12-6-2010 at 22:31 Reply With Quote

Sadly Leigh, many of the people in the US, especially older ones tend to vote straight party line. What ever party they belong to and are registered as is who they vote for. In some areas where there is a big majority of registered votes of one party or the other, we used to say you could run a Goat and get it elected if it belonged to the right party.

This is why we have arrived at the point where we are now in government. Instead of voting for people who have good ideas they vote strictly party line then the Congressmen in Washington do the same stupid thing. This results in everything being liberal if Dem and Conservative if Rep and nothing in the middle where there should be at least some if they could compromise on anything.

That is why with great interest I am watching some of the elections this year to see how many of the old dyed in the wool politicians get voted out this year. I just see today an extension of health insurance coverage for laid off workers that Obama wanted failed because some of the Democrat Congressmen are up for re-election this fall and are fearful of increasing the deficit any more that it already is and endangering their chances of re-election.

People are tired of the majority party rule doing everything their way and are looking to change the status quo.waveysmiley
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