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Author: Subject: New US Healthcare seems to be working!
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[*] Post 409802 posted on 23-5-2010 at 13:39 Reply With Quote
New US Healthcare seems to be working!

This couple seem to think so. I can't imagine how people would think that the old system in America was so good if you were hit with a 20 grand bill for turning up at the wrong hospital! That just sux!!!!!
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[*] Post 409816 posted on 23-5-2010 at 19:25 Reply With Quote

New US Healthcare seems to be working!

This couple seem to think so.
confused2 These statements do not make sense, in view of a couple of facts:
1)Their accident was in the past, before Government Tyranny Healthcare was passed, so anything they experienced does not say anything about GTH, which has been passed recently.

2)The article expressly states that it will be September 23 before the new rules requiring same payment to out-of-network hospitals go into effect. So, even costs which happen today do not show what the new rules will do.

As Delanti and I have pointed out, health care run by the U.S. government, such as Medicare, is hideously expensive because of criminal activity. A huge amount of money is wasted when the government pays for health services which people do not get, or do not need.

One way to keep health care costs down is for the insurance companies to keep a close eye on the hospitals and doctors which are contracted with them. They won't keep a doctor on their list if he hands in bills for hundreds of procedures each day which he could not possibly have done. Since each insurance company cannot keep close supervision over every single hospital of the thousands in the US, they steer their people to a subset of the hospitals. The money saved by doing this allows people to buy health insurance for a lesser amount.

Or, the person who wishes to do so can arrange to buy health insurance at greater expense which will cover any legitimate hospital. That makes sense, doesn't it? If you refuse to participate in the cost-savings measure, you have to pay the added cost.

Under Government Tyranny Healthcare, the smaller list of preferred hospitals, with closer supervision and lesser healthcare costs, is eliminated. Instead, EVERYONE will have the added burden of the higher costs involved with paying any of thousands of hospitals which are not under close scrutiny by the insurance companies.

Of course, this also means that the higher insurance premiums will make them too expensive for some people. They will have to go without insurance, and will have to bear the full cost of their medical care (not just 20%, but 100%):(

Since the new law makes it a crime for people not to buy health insurance, such people may also be sent to jail.:(:( Since the American Constitution does not give government the power to force people to buy insurance, I am hoping that part of the law will be overturned in court.
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