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Author: Subject: Obamacare model in Massachusetts--health insurance for NOBODY
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[*] Post 407155 posted on 9-4-2010 at 22:56 Reply With Quote
Obamacare model in Massachusetts--health insurance for NOBODY

Here is the piece.

It also appears here (in case the other link goes out-of-date).

The original model for Obamacare, before all the bribes and vote-buying changes were added on, was the Massachusetts health care/health insurance model, which has been in effect for some years now. All the major health insurance companies there are non-profit companies. Massachusetts law now requires them to accept people with pre-existing conditions, and to charge everyone about the same. As a result, people choose not to buy health insurance until AFTER they get sick and see they will need hospitalization or other expensive medical treatments. Furthermore, as soon as they have completed their treatments, they DROP their insurance coverage again, so there is no significant time in which the insurance companies can recoup what they have spent on the customer/patient.

Generally, the idea of insurance is to collect money from many people, pooling the resources they are willing to commit and, at the same time, pooling the risk. Under Obamacare conditions, all the healthy people leave the pool, taking their money with them, until they get sick in a way that needs expensive treatment--then they jump in, bringing their huge liabilities with them. The non-profit insurance companies in Massachusetts expect to lose $100 million this year if they are not allowed to raise their premiums--eventually, they would become insolvent and unable to pay for medical costs of those they insure. As of today, they are not accepting anyone for new insurance, because they can't cover the costs of doing so.

It's like allowing a person to go without auto insurance until after they get in a collision, and then allowing purchase of a policy which will fix the wrecked car. After the car is fixed, the customer stops paying on the insurance policy--until after he has gotten into another wreck.

It just doesn't work 85% of Americans are satisfied with their health insurance. Some people do not have health insurance, and some of those do not have means to pay for their health care if something expensive happens (that doesn't mean they wouldn't get the care--it just means they might not be able to pay the bill). The Republican position was, solve the problems of the 15%, and take measures to bring down health care costs, without destroying the insurance industry which is taking care of 85% of the people already. Obamacare does not really bring health care to everyone--it destroys the system which was successful for most people, without fixing the problems or bringing down health care costs.:(
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Originally posted by scholar
The non-profit insurance companies in Massachusetts expect to lose $100 million this year

Yet another success story for the Obama administration, he's ensured that the ' non-profit ' insurance companies don't make a profit.

Is there no end to his talents?

I'll tell you what, you Yanks are lucky to have a bloke like him in charge.
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