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Author: Subject: Released without charges
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[*] Post 403566 posted on 10-2-2010 at 13:33 Reply With Quote
Released without charges

Here is yet another example of someone who was detained and tortured the the US.

In this particular case the British government were also involved in a conspiracy to conceal the facts, presumably because of the so called ' special relationship ' between Britain and America.

Fortunately a British appeal court has overruled the The Foreign Secretary, David Miliband's shameful attempt to conceal the facts, using ' national security ' as an excuse.

Do you think the details should have been made public, of is it better that these sort of atrocities are kept secret?


Ethiopian-born Binyam Mohamed says UK authorities knew he was tortured at the behest of US authorities during seven years of captivity.
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[*] Post 403584 posted on 10-2-2010 at 15:43 Reply With Quote

Yes! Made public! It may serve as a reminder to those who are really bent on destruction that they, too, may suffer at the hands of the "authorities". Should this person be compensated for the wrongful and degrading way he was treated? Absolutely. Should it have happened? From the information given there, NO WAY! Is there more to it? Possibly.
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[*] Post 404287 posted on 20-2-2010 at 23:13 Reply With Quote

Not to defend either the British or US governments but this is another example of the press twisting the facts. The only fact in the case is what Binyam Mohamed said:"Ethiopian-born Binyam Mohamed, 31, says UK authorities knew he was tortured at the behest of US authorities after his detention in Pakistan in 2002."

Was he tortured by American or British personnel, No! He was tortured by Moroccan personnel. Is it possible that American or British forces suggested or supported their actions, of course it is possible but what proof have they submitted that is was a fact? In any courtroom in America someone going into court and saying " I know they did this" without a shred of proof would be thrown out of the room.

Newspapers however don't have to be accountable for the way the print and slant the facts. And the sad part is everyone jumps on the bandwagon and says Yahoo, I knew it those dirty buggers, without thinking about the old innocent until proven guilty part.

Think about it, would you like to have to go to court accused of rape with no other evidence except the victims word and let that be the standard by which you are found guilty or not guilty?confused2
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