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Author: Subject: God Gave Coal and Oil to you, Gave coal and oil to you.....


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[*] Post 396757 posted on 8-12-2009 at 11:54 Reply With Quote
God Gave Coal and Oil to you, Gave coal and oil to you.....

Going on from my comment about Scholar's comment about God not allowing Hanukkah oil lamps to affect Global warming.

I said that I had heard a Republican politician proclaiming the God had given us coal and oil and obviously wanted us to use it and therefore would not allow the World to suffer as a consequence.

Scholar challenged me to say who it was so I tried Googling. Now, I didn't find the quote I quoted, but I did find numerous references to similar quotes from various Republicans - including Sarah Palin here:-


If you google for "God gave us coal/oil" you will see for yourself that this appears to be a commonly held view among a number of Republicans.

As I said in the other thread, these are very powerful people in positions of influence. The logic that God gave coal and oil to us to use so how could using it do any harm is - interesting to say the least.

So how do we feel about the idea? Is God likely to protect us from ourselves and step in at the point where we are likely to destroy the planet? Is it a wise philosophy to rely on God in this way or would God like us to think for ourselves a bit and use the common sense he gave us?
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[*] Post 396765 posted on 8-12-2009 at 12:54 Reply With Quote

God certainly "gave" us this world to "replenish and multiply". He created within us a desire to learn and to use the tools that he has given us. He also gave us free will. This means that we have a responsibility to use that knowledge and those tools wisely, however, because we have free will, some have chosen the other path which leads to destruction. I don't think that God will step in before we annihilate ourselves as that would then deny our "freedom", or free will, so to speak. It reminds me of an old joke where the Devil challenged God to an act of creation. God grabbed a pile of dirt and made man. Satan, not to be outdone, grabbed a pile of dirt. Before he could do any more, God stopped him and said, "Get your own dirt!".
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[*] Post 396771 posted on 8-12-2009 at 13:10 Reply With Quote

The whole point of free will is that we have the tools of our own salvation or our own destruction. We choose.

There are those fringe elements - often called the lunatic fringe by others - who seem hell-bent on doing everything they can to speed up "end-times" because they think that they will personally be caught up in some sort of "rapture". These scary people want there to be war in the Middle East and advocate using up the Earth's resources in any way they wish citing God's plan in their selfishness.
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