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Author: Subject: Make your mind up time?
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[*] Post 394801 posted on 24-11-2009 at 16:07 Reply With Quote
Make your mind up time?

Obama's delay in troop decision 'hitting UK public support for Afghan mission'.

Isn't it about time Britain made it's own mind up about this, rather than acting as lapdogs to the Americans?


The delay has held up attempts to secure further commitments from other allies amid concerted efforts by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to rally flagging public support for the UK presence.
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[*] Post 394809 posted on 24-11-2009 at 16:37 Reply With Quote

I think Britain's plans with respect to the military actions are, realistically, contingent upon American commitment and resolve. If Obama were to decide that he is not willing to commit enough to win there, but instead that he wants to turn tail and run like Clinton did after "Blackhawk Down," Britain would have to decide whether its goals could be achieved without help from its unreliable friend. The size of the American forces makes them an important factor, even if the quality of their leader does not commend them.

The anti-war wing of Obama's political party commands an important number of votes, and he needs every vote he can get to pass the unpopular government domination health care bill. This may be why it took him three months to make a decision that a better man would have made in one or two weeks.

It is perhaps worth noting that some political thinkers in the US who supported the war in Iraq think that Afghanistan is different in ways that make it unwinnable with conventional military fighting. Some also think corruption in the present government make it a losing cause.

I have not embraced a position. I do hold to the opinion that a half-hearted commitment without enough troops to do a proper job is a very bad choice.

If Obama commits a significant increase, he will have shown real courage. If he does not commit enough to do the job, he will have shown political cowardice. If he commits a lesser amount, and finds a way to accomplish the important goals, he will have shown wisdom.
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[*] Post 394811 posted on 24-11-2009 at 16:40 Reply With Quote

I'd just like them to tell us unequivocally why we're there, what they want to achieve and the projected timescale for the operation. They have changed the goalposts several times already and the arguments to stay are unconvincing imo.
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